Best Pellet Smoker Under $500 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Hosting BBQ parties is an essential aspect of a man’s life. But to arrange parties you need certain equipment like a pellet smoker and thermometer to celebrate the occasion. To make your time memorable, we have tried to present the list best pellet smoker under $500.

This guideline will help you choose any model of your choice, most importantly in your budget range. So, happily arrange the parties and carry on enjoying the moments.

Best Pellet Smoker Under $500

Best Pellet Smoker Under $500

NameRating Check Price
Camp Chef Smoke pro ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ check price
Grills ZPG- 7002E ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ check price
Green Mountain Grills ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ check price
Pit Boss700FB Pellet Grill ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ check price
Trager Tailgater 20 Grills⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ check price
Traeger Wood Pellet ⭐⭐⭐⭐ check price

Camp Chef Smoke pro DLX Pellet Grill

Camp Chef Smoke pro DLX Pellet Grill

The brand Cap Chef is striving a lot to achieve excellence in producing top quality appliances. This organization introduces the products after several tests. Moreover, users take the Camp Chefs products as the second name of trust and quality. In addition to this, Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX Pellet Grill is the masterpiece of Camp Chef.

This incredible model has certain key features.


Camp Chef Smoke pro DLX Pellet Grills has a stainless steel body. This top quality material keeps this unit free from rusting, enabling it to perform its best for years to come.

Furthermore, this unit weighs 140 pounds approximately. With its powerful body, this durable model can maintain heat levels in challenging weather conditions. Besides, it can keep the food hot for a long time after several hours of cooking food.


Due to its weight, it seems hard to move it, but thanks to wide wheels, which make us rotate it.

Whether this unit is in a lawn or backyard or the case of outdoor parties, you can change its place conveniently.

Cooking Zone

With a large capacity of 570 square inches, this smoker makes you ready food for the whole family in one shift.

Besides, the main cooking chamber consists of 429 square inches, including an upper warming rack with an area of 141 square inches. Both racks make you put various cuts of meat, steak, and vegetables.

Temperature Control

This smoker has a LED thermometer with an internal sensor gauge to monitor the inward temperature. Herein the temperature gets moderate by adding wood pellets at regular intervals.

To add this, utilizing this model, you can do tension-free cooking. Simply set the temperature and let the smoker do its work as that of an electric smoker.

Hopper Capacity

Furthermore, this smoker has an 18 pounds’ hopper capacity. Surely this large capacity means you do not need to stuff the fuel time and again during large smoking sessions.

Ash Removal Tray

Above all, the ash removal tray is adjustable. After the smoking session, you can draw it and wash it for subsequent use. Keep one thing in mind to dry it properly after washing.

  • Hopper Capacity is good.
  • Side shelf for putting extra utensils.
  • Built-in sensor gauge.
  • Large cooking area.
  • LED thermometer, which provides an accurate reading.
  • Wheels to move this unit.
  • Paint may peel off.

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Grills ZPG- 7002EGrills ZPG- 7002E

Our multiple experiments utilizing this smoker proved Grills ZPG-7002E. to be the best to use. That’s why it stands second in our list of best pellet smoker under $500. Z Grill Organization has experience of more than three decades in producing smoker and grill appliances. Their high-quality product, Grills ZPG- 7002E, is the most selling product due to its features.


This item is built with strong stainless steel material, which is fit for the tough season.

Moreover, the cooking grates are porcelain coated. There are few chances of smoke and heat leakage and paint spoiling due to heavy-duty material used for construction.


This unit is moveable due to its wide wheels.

8 IN -1 Special

The most prominent feature of Z Grills ZPG -2007E is that it has great versatility. Being 8 in 1 can smoke, braise, grill, BBQ, roast bake, char grill, and sear. It almost seems incredible that by utilizing this appliance, you can have the fun of enjoying eight various types of meals.

Cooking Zone

The total cooking area is 700 square inches. It is great for smoking a sufficient amount of nourishment.

Convection Fan

This incredible model features a convection fan that balances the heat level inside the smoking chamber.

Automatic Ignition

Electric ignition makes the startup system faster, which makes you cook fast.


The LED thermometer helps in monitoring the inside temperature. Within a variation of almost 10 degrees, you can have the maximum heat level at 450 F starting from 180F.

An inward digital control system monitors the heat level.

Waste Oil Collector

This unit has a waste oil collector, which makes cleanliness easy.

  • It is durably built to last.
  • Wide wheels make movement easy.
  • Offers versatility in cooking.
  • Shows accurate heat level.
  • It does not contain meat probes.
  • Issues related to quality control

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Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Pellet GrillsGreen_Mountain_Grills_Davy_Crockett_Wi-Fi_Pellet_Grills

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Pellet Grills is one of the most advanced forms of grills in the world of smoking and best pellet smoker for beginners. It is available in the market with some modern touch. The organization Green Mountain Grills has introduced this brand at a reasonable price. With its advanced features on a user-friendly budget, it is in the good books of the users. It has multiple functions, which are as below.


With dimensions of 32*16*21 inches, it weighs 68 pounds.

Cooking Area

Furthermore, this unit has a vast cooking space. Herein you can smoke food for the whole of the family.

Hopper Capacity

Besides, this model yields a hopper with a capacity of 17 pounds. This means it has sufficient area to feed the pellet. You can stuff a good quantity of pellets during large smoking sessions.

Wi-Fi Feature

Amazingly the best part of Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Pellet is it comes with Wi-Fi technology. You can control the temperature while sitting on your couch.

Moreover, by connecting Wi-Fi with your mobile phone, you can control the temperature while sitting on your couch. Above all, by downloading apps, you can also download recipes for food smoking.

Latest Technology

If you want to change this system, this smoker yields a 12 v adapter. If you are spending your event at the beach or camping, you can connect it with your car battery or a small generator to charge it.

Moreover, this incredible model has a sense mate technology, which surely enables you to monitor the internal temperature accurately. The exact temperature monitoring is a secret tool to cook delicious food effortlessly.


This model is portable. It has no wheels, but with foldable legs, it can be taken from one place to another place.

Side Shelf and Auto Ignition

This smoker features a shelf for putting in additional utensils. In addition to this, the auto-ignition helps you to start up the process fast.

  • Compact design with foldable legs.
  • Wi-Fi technology.
  • Accurate temperature sensor.
  • Large hopper capacity.
  • Small cooking area.

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Pit Boss700FB Pellet GrillPit_Boss700FB_Pellet_Grill

Pit Boss, the company, was established in 1999. This organization was committed to present a combination of excellent compact design and durability. Struggling to achieve standard Pit Boss700FBPellet Grill is their incredible production. No doubt this model has several features


This unit has great versatility. It yields 8 in 1 function. Having it, you can enjoy the taste of grill, smoke, braise, BBQ bake roast char grill using this smart model.

Durable Construction

Durable and sturdy steel has been used to construct this unit. The porcelain iron grates assure rust free.

Moreover, this strong material can perfectly maintain the heat. This item can serve you for years if it remains rust-free.

Wide Wheels

Pit Boss700FB Pellet Grill yields the weight of 118 pounds almost.

These heavy-duty wheels enable you to move it from one place to another place.


You can set the temperature approximately between 180 to 500, which is sufficient for cooking any cut of meat.

Furthermore, the LED display of the temperature teller device enables you to observe the inward heat level. It gives an accurate reading.

Cooking Zone

This smoker has a large cooing zone of almost 700 square inches. Herein you can cook a sufficient amount of food. You remain free from the hassle of smoking food in several shifts. It enables you to prepare a large amount of food effortlessly.

Cleanout Door

Furthermore, this smoker yields a cleanout door to clean the hopper easily.

  • Large cooking space.
  • Compact and durable body.
  • Cleanout door for hopper.
  • 8in1 item.
  • Digital control.
  • Auger to feed wood pellets.
  • Heavy weight.
  • Minimal warranty.

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Trager Tailgater 20 GrillsTrager_Tailgater_20_Grills

The Traeger brand takes the credit for producing the first grill in the world. It was founded in the US in1985 and has become famous worldwide.

Sturdy and Compact Construction

This incredible smoker has a compact design. It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel material. This unit is a rust restraint. This quality enables this item to spend enough time with you.

Furthermore, on stick grilling grates are porcelain coated and are easily cleanable.

Foldable Legs

This amazing unit has foldable legs. You can fold the legs and take it anywhere you put it in your car.

Besides, it has wheels also. With wide wheels, this 76 weighted item is moveable.

Versatility in Cooking

The grill provides 6 in 1 functions. You can smoke, grill, bake roast BBQ, and braise.

LED display

The LED display enables you to monitor the inward temperature.

  • Foldable legs
  • Compact design
  • LED display
  • Small hopper capacity
  • Small cooking zone.

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Traeger Wood Pellet Grill BBQ 155 JuniorTraeger Wood Pellet Grill BBQ 155 Junior

Traeger Wood Pellet Grill BBQ 155 Junior is one of the best models on our list. It is a user-friendly model with a compact design and amazing features.


It is made of sturdy material. Heavy-duty enough to perform the beat until the years to come.

Cooking Space

While purchasing any model, you need to check the cooking space. This strong model has 300 square inches of cooking space. You can cook a small-sized turkey at a time. Besides, you can smoke food for 6 -8 people in just one go.

Easy to USE

With its simple functions, one can use it quite easily. Even a new beginner can use it without any hassle.


This model has a front thermometer. It shows a reading of the inward temperature.

Easy to Assemble

To assemble it does not require any long hours.


This smoker has wheels for easy mobility.


This model is available with a very simple price package.

Hopper Capacity

This model can afford the capacity of 10 lbs. of pellets, which is sufficient.

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Buying Guide

Are you still confused about choosing best pellet smoker under $500? Stop getting worried about the aspect because we have presented a buying guide for you. This is to lessen your anxiety. Just go through it and keep certain principles in mind before purchasing the model.

Temperature Range

The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a unit is to check its temperature range.

A good quality pellet smoker can reach up to 180 F – 425F, which is best for smoking, grilling, and roasting. Moreover, in the case of smoking meat, the temperature range should be 500F- 550F.


Before buying a model, you need to check whether it has a good quality thermometer. The accurate monitoring of inward temperature is essential. To cook tasty food exact reading of heat level paves the way.

So a good quality thermometer is a vital part of purchasing.

Cooking Chamber Area

Another most important thing is the size of the cooking chamber. The item needs to be large so that you may remain away from the troubles of cooking food in several shifts.


The item must be portable. You need to take it and move it easily to the required place. Furthermore, the weighty units are hard to move without wheels. So the quality of wheels is good to check.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper capacity needs to be checked before buying a unit. A good-sized hopper can yield a sufficient amount of fuel at a time.

Besides, a good-sized hopper saves you from stuffing wood pellets time and again during long smoking sessions.

Additional Accessories

Before spending your money on a model, you need to observe whether the spare parts are easily available. If these are not available easily, then it will get difficult for you to replace them.

Here below is the list of commonly available accessories.

Pellet Hopper

Some smokers provide the option with the extender hopper capacity, So it is useful to extend the capacity to remain free from adding fuel time and again.

Chimney, Body Parts, Hinges

Chimney, Body Parts, Hinges are easily available online. In case of damage or broken you can have it new easily.

Direct Grill Grates

Direct grill grates save the smoker from outside dust, particles, or effects of weather conditions.

Meat Probe

Meat probes enable you to check the internal temperature. In case of damaging your old meat probes, you can easily get it new because it is used widely and is always there at your fingers click.

Fan Motors

Fan Motors are available online, and you can approach them easily if your grill is not working properly.

Bottom Line

In the end, we expect that our list of best pellet smoker under $500 will assist you a lot in selecting one of your choices. This is the fair description of those products that will enhance your event’s beauty.

So, according to my mind, a good product is at your fingers click, keeping all the required features in mind, simply press the button and get it.

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