Best Pellet Smokers and Grills in 2022 Detailed Review

If you are a barbecue lover and worry about weather conditions then stop worrying because the best pellet smokers 2022 are there on the scene. In this guideline, “best pellet smokers,” we have presented the best pellet smoker reviews that presented good results with all their pros and cons with specifications of each model.

Manufacturer brands have designed the units with the remarkable specification that the customer thinks the pellet smoker is the item to buy. If you intend to buy a unit for your backyard from pellet smokers, you can choose after reading below wood pellet grill reviews.

Best Pellet Smokers and Grills

Best Pellet Smokers Reviews 2022

Here below is the list of our top-rated pellet smokers. You can choose any one from these bet wood pellet smokers and grills comparing your budget with the price.

1. Recteq RT-700 Bull

Recteq RT-700 Bull

Our list of best pellet smokers recteq RT-700 Bull ranks in the best position due to its ease of use and efficient performance. It is the best alternative for your spent money. It has several features that are given below.


Recteq RT-700 is made of heavy-duty material. The unit has been constructed with sturdy material, and the total weight of the unit is 200 pounds. Almost 20 % of the unit is made up of stainless steel material which remains rust-free. The cooking grates are stainless steel which is easy to clean because the food does not stick with the grates.

To add this, the bottom shelf is sturdy and enables you to place the extra utensils over it. It is sturdy and will not get spoil easily. The hopper is of good capacity. In other words, 40 pounds hopper capacity means you don’t need to stuff fuel inside again and again.

Additionally, the unit has advanced wifi technology, allowing the user to control the unit from a distance,sitting over the couch gossiping with your loved ones.


The unit is portable, though it is weighty, with little outside help, you can easily change its place. It has four durable wheels. A handle on the side of the smoker makes you hold it from one side. Holding it with a firm grip, you can push it from one place to another place.

Balance the temperature

The function of the recteq RT-700 strives a lot to maintain heat level for mouthwatering results. The unit is powered by PID -style temperature controller, which is highly efficient at balancing the temperature. As a result, you get mouthwatering food. The unit has two meat probes. The unit can get a high temperature of up to 500-degree F, which is best for grilling and searing.


Fuel TypeWood Pellet
Barbecue TypePellet grills and smoker
Material for ConstructionPowder-coated steel and stainless steel material.
Cooking GratesStainless steel
Cooking Area702 square inches with an optional extra rack. It is 1,054 square inches.
Hopper Capacity40 pounds
Type of CookingGrilling, smoking, searing
Temperature Range200–500-degree F
Dimension543650 (WDH)
  • Constructed with a heavy-duty material.
  • Good food smoking capacity.
  • The ceramic system is sturdy enough that it will last for multiple years.
  • Contains latest WIFI technology.
  • Two built-in meat probes.
  • Hopper has 40 pounds capacity, which is sufficient for 40 hours of smoking.
  • The unit can obtain high temperatures up to500-degree F, which makes you grilling, searing.
  • PID temperature controller maintains the balanced heat level.
  • Wheels and handles let you change their place.
  • Heavy-duty item, you can’t take it outside for a picnic.
  • No open flame grilling, but you can utilize an optional sear kit for perfect grilling.

2. Camp Chef WIFI Woodwind 36Inch With Sidekick

Camp Chef WIFI Woodwind 36Inch With Sidekick

Camp Chef is a remarkable brand for manufacturing quality products. The organization is famous for producing sturdy, solid, versatile, and reliable products.Camp Chef wifi Woodwind 36Inch With Sidekick has exceptional features that make it unbeatable in-the-line excellence. It is the first choice of those who want a pellet grill that contains all the features. Due to its incredible features, it ranks second position in our list of best pellet smoker 2022.


The unit is sturdy enough that it will last for several years to come. Stainless steel and powder-coated steel have been used for the construction. Stainless steel material keeps the unit safe from rust. The enamel-coated steel has been used for the lower rack, upper rack of nickel-plated and sear rack of enamel coated cast iron.

To add this, cooking capacity is good enough that you can serve 8-10 people in a single shift. Its total cooking capacity is 1236 square inches. This capacity saves you from cooking in several shifts.

Heat Level

Camp Chef wifi Woodwind 36Inch With Sidekick has been powered by a PID temperature controller, one of the efficient temperature controllers in today’s market. It is reckoned as the best one for balancing the heat level even when you intend to alter the smoke level.

To add this, the unit has four meat probes. These meat probes predict the inner temperature exactly and keep you from purchasing a new one to get the precise reading. The best of all functions of Woodwind is its Slide & Grill Technology. The unit will automatically shift to direct and indirect flame mode by pulling a knob.

Camp Chef WIFI Woodwind 36Inch With Sidekick features the latest technology of WIFI. The unit has the WIFI option, which lets you control the temperature and power from a distance. Connecting your pellet smoker with WIFI, you can download the Camp Chef App, which will open new eras for you in the world of smoking and grilling.

Additionally, the heat range is between 160-degree F -500-degree F. It is perfect for grilling, smoking, searing, braising. It is the best option and makes your smoker versatile in the cooking range. If you find this heat level insufficient for you, then there is the option of Sidekick attachment. The Sidekick works as an additional hot plate bringing versatility to your cooking range.


Though the unit is weighty, it is portable. You can change the place, moving it from the lawn to the backyard. It is portable, but it isn’t easy to take it outside for camping or to the beach. If you wish to take it with you, you need to make some extra effort due to its weight.

Fuel TypeElectric, wood pellet, propane in Sidekick
Warranty3 years
Heat Range160-degree F- 500-degree F
Cooking Capacity1236 square inches
Hopper Capacity22lbs

      3. Camp Chef SmokePro Slide Pellet Smoker

      Camp Chef SmokePro Slide Pellet Smoker

      Camp Chef Smoke Pro Slide Pellet Smoker is an amazing achievement of Camp Chef. The company has structured the unit keeping all the perfections in it. Cap Chef Smoke Pro Slide Pellet Smoker is best overall when we compare the features with the price. The customer feels good when he finds so many qualities in just this small price.


      From a construction point of view, the unit is highly sturdy and durable. It has the potential to serve you for several years. The whole body is made of durable stainless steel, which adds strength to it. The stainless-steel body keeps the unit free from rust and other climatic effects. The total weight of the unit is 145 pounds.

      To add this, the unit has two caster wheels. Customers can easily move it from backyard to lawn. It is portable uni. You can put it in the car and take it outside for a barbecue party. The unit does not have a bottom shelf; rather, it has a folding front shelf for arranging extras. To add this, assembling the unit is pretty easy. Within no time, you can assemble it to enjoy smoky, delicious food.

      Cooking Area

      The cooking area of the unit allows you to prepare food for a good number of people. Camp Chef Smoke Pro Slide Pellet Smoker with primary cooking space and secondary upper shelf has a large cooking capacity of 811 square inches. The slide and grill feature makes you enjoy the versatility of food. You can smoke, braise, roast and grill.

      Moreover, the unit has two stainless steel meat probes. You can check the internal temperature of the food. The grill is powered by PID Controller, which is highly efficient in managing the heat level. PID Controller has a smoke setting from 1-10. You can set the level that you like and can enjoy the mouthwatering food.

      Cleanliness is Easy

      Cleaning the system is pretty easy. The ash cleanout system is highly exclusive that is hard to find in any other grill. It means enjoying the tasty foods and don’t get worried about cleaning the unit. Cooking grates are also easy to clean. As soon as you finished food smoking, let the unit get cool. When it is cool, clean the grates and interior for enjoying the next smoking session. Keeping the unit with care extends the service years of the item.

      • Two stainless steel meat probes.
      • Large cooking capacity.
      • Exclusive ash cleans out system.
      • You can enjoy the versatility of food like smoking, grilling, braising, and roasting.
      • Powered through PID Controller.
      • Assembling is easy.
      • Absence of hooks.
      • Difficult to take outside as it is a weighty unit.

      4. Memphis Grills Pro (Smoke and Grill)

      Memphis Grills Elite Wood Fire Pellet Smoker Grill

      Memphis Grills present an exclusive result for everything you cook. It offers the versatility of food and can serve you for years to come.This best pellet grill2022 has been designed perfectly for maximum ease of use and unbeatable results. Memphis Grills Pro (smoke and grill) is sturdy and durable and are famous as best wood pellet grills.


      The company has designed the grill with strong material. It is made from highest -grade stainless steel and has a double-walled design. The double-walled design is best for heat retention and performs wonderfully in a cold climate, keeping the temperature balanced.

      The Memphis Grills Pro work like an advanced kitchen oven. It can work for 62 hours without interruption. To add this, you can grill directly over the fire due to the perforated insert. In this way, you can easily grill your food with a touch of smoke. The unit has the latest wifi technology that lets you control the unit easily.

      Balancing the Temperature

      Using Memphis Grills Pro (Smoke and Grill), balancing the heat level is pretty easy. To maintain heat level, you don’t need to leave your company; rather, you can balance the heat level with wifi enabled app swiping your phone. The doubled-walled design also is best for heat retention. The heat gets locked inside in chronic weather conditions, and your food remains hot for a long time.

      Moreover, the unit has two pellet hoppers so that you can enjoy a cocktail of smoky-sweet flavors. The exceptional design and technology are worth every cent spent on this top model. The dual fan convection system with metal blades provides even heat to the food.

      Cooking Area

      The unit has a sufficient cooking area that lets you prepare the food for your family and friends. With 562 square inches of cooking space and 834 square inches with optional grates, it has 4320 cubic inches total.

      Specification of Memphis Pro 24” Free Standing Pellet Grill and Smoker

      Cooking Capacity4,230 cubic inches
      Pellet Hopper Capacity18lbs
      Heat Range600 degrees F
      Grate Material340 stainless steel
      Fuel TypeWood Pellet
      • Strong and sturdy unit, 100% high-quality stainless-steel design.
      • Sufficient cooking area.
      • A dual-fan ensures even heat for food.
      • Double Walled with stainless steel construction, best for heat retention.
      • Comes with a perforated insert option.
      • Strong warranty period.
      • Has latest WIFI technology.
      • For outdoor kitchens are also available in a built-in model.
      • Includes one meat probe.
      • The beginner may feel a problem using it.
      • The app needs some upgradation to make it easier to use.

      5. Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill- Black- Best Pellet Grills 2022

      Traeger TFB57GLE Pro 575 Grill, Black, Fulfilled

      Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill -Black is the first choice for customers who want a sturdy unit. It offers excellent performance. The company has used sturdy material for constructing the unit, which essentially enables the unit to work for a long time.  Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill- Black has several features:

      Sturdy Construction

      Sturdy construction of Traeger’s best pellet grills is the thing that forces the customer to buy it. The company offers a warranty for the unit. A good warranty period is a thing that satisfies the users to buy it. To add this, the regularly updated app helps the user to understand the function. It makes the assembling easy and helps to do the best.

      Moreover, the unit has excellent wheels, which make it portable. You can take it to the lawn and from lawn to backyard. You can easily take it to your party point and can enjoy the BBQ session. The unit has the latest WIFI technology, which helps the user to have control of temperature nicely.

      Cleanliness is easy

      The best part of the story is that the cleanliness is pretty easy. As soon as the unit gets cool, you can easily clean it as it has a trapdoor. Trapdoor quickly and easily empties the pellet flavor swapping. Hopper has 18lbs of cooking capacity which means you can continuously smoke food for several hours without interruption of adding fuel.

      To add this, the stainless-steel cooking grates allow the easy cleaning. During the smoking session, the food leaves juices that stick to the grates. The grates are stainless steel; you can easily remove all residue.

      Cooking Capacity

      The unit has a total cooking space of 575 square inches. It has space for almost 24-24 burgers or five-rib racks, or four chickens. It means you can serve your 7-8 guests easily in a single go. If you have a small family, then you can prepare the extra food for storing for next time. The unit can get a maximum temperature of up to 500 Degree F, which is perfect for smoking multiple dishes.


      Hopper Capacity18lbs
      Total Weight of the Unit124lbs
      Maximum Temperature500 Degree F.
      Total Cooking Area575 square inches
      Meat ProbeYes
      Grill GratesPorcelain Coated
      • You can enjoy versatile cooking.
      • Good cooking area
      • Grill grates are porcelain-coated, which remain rust-resistant.
      • Hopper cleanout system is easy.
      • Locking caster wheels for easy mobility.
      • The controller is easy to use.
      • The app is frequently updated.
      • Easy to use.
      • Has warranty
      • The cooking area may be small for large gatherings.
      • Difficult to take to picnics and beach etc. for parties, but not impossible.

      6. Z Grills 450B – Best Budget Pellet Smoker

      Z Grills has gained a lot of name and fame due to its quality product. The company is quality conscious and never compromises over perfection. With a price of pretty affordable, Z Grills 450B is a fully automated model. The user feels good using it in return for quite a reasonable price.


      From a construction point of view, the whole unit is made of powder-coated steel. The good quality material keeps the unit free from rust. The system PID Controller for balancing the heat level. The well-maintained heat level ensures mouthwatering food. PID is highly efficient for controlling and keeping the heat level according to your desire. Digital LED panel allows you to check the temperature perfectly. You can note the exact reading from a distance.

      Cooking Capacity

      The unit has a cooking area of 459 square inches for smoking and 324 for grilling. The cooking room is small as compared to the pricy units. However, it is small but not so small that it remains to fail to satisfy your need. This cooking capacity is sufficient for a family of 6-7 people. The unit has two cooking grates.

      Moreover, these grates are porcelain coated. Porcelain coating saves the unit from getting spoiled with stains. The unit contains a drip tray that is best for collecting drippings and juices. The food during smoking leaves juices that drop down and spoil the inner surface of the smoker. This drip tray saves dripping from the fire, which keeps the flavor from ruining.

      Hopper Capacity

      The Hopper capacity of the unit determines your fuel adding time. The hopper capacity of Z Grills 450B is 15 pounds. It is good enough that saves you from adding fuel for 15 hours. For continuous 15 hours, you can enjoy smoking food free of outside interruption. The unit has a window that lets you check the quantity of the hopper. The clean outdoors enables you to clean the unit easily and perfectly.


      Z Grills 450B has an efficient temperature range. Using the unit grilling is possible. Keeping the temperature at 450 degrees F, you can grill. The temperature ranges from 180 degrees F -450 degrees F. The company offers a warranty of three years. Within the budget-friendly package, the user can enjoy using the unit.


      MaterialPowder-coated steel
      GratesPorcelain Coated
      Cooking Capacity459 square inches
      Hopper Capacity15lbs
      Warranty3 Years
      Temperature Range180 Degree F-450Degree F
      Fuel typeWood Pellet
      • Quality construction- made of powder-coated steel.
      • Easily portable.
      • Has warranty
      • Sufficient hopper capacity.
      • The drip tray collects the drippings.
      • Has a waterproof cover.
      • The Hopper window lets you view inside.
      • Ash clean outdoor.
      • Small cooking space as compared to other costly units.

      7. Green Mountain Davy Crockett WIFI Pellet Grill

      Green Mountain Davy Crockett WIFI Pellet Grill

      Are you a small family and want to have a model that is small in size and more flexible, easy to take outside for parties?

      Then Green Mountain Davy Crockett WIFI Pellet Grill is on the top of the list. Crocket WIFI-enabled pellet smoker contains multiple features in return for a reasonable price.


      The company has designed the unit with strong material. The legs are strong and sturdy. The unit is light in weight. You can easily take it outside for parties and to the beach. The model is equipped with the latest technology WIFI. You can connect your phone with your smoker and can maintain the temperature.

      The price of the unit is reasonable. It is not too much expensive that you need to think for a long time. The unit has the meat probe, utensil tray, and temperature checking sensor. The sensor detects the temperature and makes you smoke the food. The construction of the unit is ideal for taking outside.

      Plugging the Unit

      Simply plug the Davy Crocket into regular power at home. But if you are outside, plug the 12-volt cord directly into the battery and enjoy smoky food. The temperature range is from150 degrees F – 550-degree F. This is the best heat range for smoking all types of meat.

      Important Instruction

      For convenience, you can purchase a disposable grease tray that enables you to clean the system easily. To add this, the unit is certainly perfect for small families. It has the space for housing two racks of ribs r six steaks at a time. So, in a single shift, you can prepare food for the whole family.

      MaterialStainless steel material
      Hopper Capacity9lbs
      Cooking Capacity219 square inches
      Heat Range150 Degree F-550 Degree F
      Fuel TypeWood Pellets
      Weight68 pounds
      Warranty2 years
      Waterproof CoverYes
      • Reasonable price range.
      • Legs are sturdy and strong.
      • Perfectly regulates the temperature.
      • Has the latest technology.
      • Strong and sturdy unit.
      • The temperature range is good, from 150-degree F-55o degrees F.
      • Perfect for grilling.
      • Warranty of two years.
      • To some, the cooking room may be small.
      • Not highly efficient for cold climate due to thin steel.

      8. Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker-Best Pellet Grill 2022

      If you are a fan of outdoor parties, then Traeger tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker is best for you. Made to perform excellent results, it is an all-rounder unit in the market on which you can rely. This compact-sized and highly portable unit has several features.


      The unit durably builds efficient results. Made of stainless steel body, it is rust-resistant. The stainless-steel body enhances the working years of the unit, saving it from rust.

      Traeger tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker is compact and sturdy. You don’t need to worry about the space if you are living in an apartment or flat. The Size is good and can get fit any place. The unit does not hold a large place.

      Traeger’s Inverter is required to get you locked into the power source. The advantage is that you can charge your phone and hook up a mini sound system for some pre-game power tunes; it is hardly an inconvenience.

      Cooking Capacity

      The cooking capacity is also good. It has sufficient room for smoking food for your loved ones. It is the best portable unit. You can take it outside with you if you are a party lover. The cooking capacity is 300 square inches with a hopper capacity of 8lbs. It means you can smoke food continuous eight hours without interruption.

      Moreover, the heat level can range between 160-degree F – 400-degree F., This temperature range, is ideal for smoking all types of meats. You can make delicious food with the blend of maple, hickory, and cherry using signature blend pellets. Everyone will be pleased with your art of smoking.


      MaterialStainless -steel material
      Cooking GratesPorcelain-coated
      Cooking Capacity300 square inches
      Fuel typeWood Pellet
      Temperature Range160 degrees- 400-degree F
      • Made of quality material.
      • Highly portable unit.
      • Space-saving unit
      • Sturdy construction.
      • Cleaning the unit is easy.
      • Grates are porcelain coated.
      • The unit has a manufacturer warranty.
      • The user enjoys the set and forgets the experience.
      • Some customers may feel the cooking space is insufficient, but it is only in the case of large parties.

      9. Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Smoker

      Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Smoker

      If we talk about some bets semi- professional Pellet Smoker, then the name of Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Smoker suits the best in this respect. Due to cooking versatility, it catches the customer’s attention. The terms like competition-ready results, perfection, and versatility all are for this naughty baby.

      Cooking Versatility

      Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Smoker offers great flexibility in the barbecue world. The users are pleased with its four-zone cooking capacity. It is more than the wood pellet barbecue smoke and grill because you can use both direct and indirect heat, and you can cold smoke too.

      If you are a lover of food versatility, then we recommend Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Smoker to you because it will add more colors to your lovely world of food smoking. The versatility of cooking will surely bring an unlimited compliment for you.


      Cookshack has structured the unit, keeping in view all the aspects of the BBQ line. The unit is made of stainless steel and free of any paint. Due to its size and shape, it is the best smoker in the residential line. It is a durable and sturdy unit and is best for home use as well. The cool baby has 784 square inches of cooking capacity. This is sufficient for 7-8 people. Using the unit, you can enjoy smoking anything from the cold and hot smoking line.

      To add this, the unit is pretty handy to use. It is the best choice of all the stars in the world of barbecue.


      MaterialStainless steel
      Grate MaterialIndirect cooking areas stainless steel rod grate, in indirect areas Nickle plated grill
      Cooking Capacity784 Square Inches
      Hopper Capacity22 lbs
      Temperature Rangeup to 600 Degree
      Fuel TypeWood Pellet
      • Made of stainless steel, steel is unpainted.
      • Good cooking capacity.
      • Strong construction.
      • Provides versatility in cooking range.
      • Good hopper capacity.
      • Residential pellet grill manufactured by commercial smoker company, so having the commercial touch as well.
      • To start the smoking food process, you have 40 lbs. Cookshack pellets.
      • Lacks the meat probes; you need to pay some extra to buy them.

      10. Camp Chef Vertical XXL WIFI Pellet Smoker

      Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Grill

      If we talk about the best vertical pellet smoker, Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker comes to mind. Camp Chef has been producing exceptional items to bring ease to the barbecue world.

      Above all, this vertical-style Pellet smoker is great for you if you have small space for putting the unit. For people living in flats and apartments, Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker is the best option.

      Cooking Capacity

      If you are looking for an all-around, solid, and durable unit with sufficient cooking capacity and cooking versatility, then Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker is for you. It comes with four adjustable cooking racks, three jerky racks, and a twelve-hook hanging rack. All these are adjustable. It means cleanliness is easy. You can remove all of them to clean them.

      Balancing Temperature

      Using Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker, it is pretty easy to balance the temperature. The unit has the PID controller, which enables you to set and forget the smoking experience. You can set the level of heat according to your desire. To add this, the unit has WIFI technology. It comes with two meat probes; through WIFI, you can get the exact reading of your meat.


      The unit is sturdy and durable, made of stainless steel. The dual doors of this baby are stainless steel. Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker has four strong legs with wheels. You can easily divert its place and put it back to its place. To add this, it is light in weight, and you can take it from one place to another place. The vertical style is best for small spaces.

      Furthermore, cleaning the unit is pretty easy. Thanks to Grease Management System that has the ash cleanout feature enabling you to clean the unit easily.


      Cooking Capacity2,408 square inches
      Hopper capacity18 lbs.
      Temperature Range150-degree F -350-degree F
      Weight145 lbs.
      • Space-saving device.
      • PID temperature controller provides set and forget the experience.
      • For even cooking, internal fans reduce hot spots.
      • Huge cooking capacity.
      • Temperature is controllable from a distance due to WIFI technology.
      • Cleaning the unit is easy.
      • Easily portable with wheels.
      • To some, hopper capacity may be insufficient.
      • The temperature range is 150–350-degree F, not for grilling, smoking only.

      11. Traeger Ironwood 885 – Best Traeger Pellet Grill

      Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

      Traeger is a big name that earns name and fame due to its quality products.  Traeger’s products are popular for their quality, consistency, and exceptional results. Traeger Ironwood 885 is the real choice of the customer who loves to enjoy the real smoky taste of barbecue. Traeger Ironwood 885 is the masterpiece of Traeger yet.

      Quality Construction

      This strong unit is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best material as it has the potential to save the unit from climatic conditions. In case of moisture, it keeps the unit from rust, enhancing the working years of the unit. The adjustable cooking grates are porcelain coated. They are easy to clean.

      To add this, the unit has WIFI technology to add ease to the life of the user. The app serves you fast as compared to other units of the same category. The app has many amazing recipes and a lot of tips and tricks to make your experience better.

      Cooking Range

      The best thing is that the unit has 850 square inches of cooking capacity. The hopper is 20 lbs. the cooking capacity is good for a large number of people. The unit takes wood pellets as fuel which adds flavor to the food.


      Constructed withStainless steel
      Grate MaterialPorcelain
      Cooking Area885 square inches
      Pellet Hopper20 lbs.
      Temperature Range160–500-degree F
      FuelWood pellets
      Weight175 square inches
      • D2 Direct drive makes the flavor stronger.
      • Through the app or Alexa, you can control the heat level from a distance through WIFI.
      • The unit has a meat probe
      • Convection fan for even heat distribution.
      • Has a good warranty period.
      • The unit has sidewall insulation, better for heat retention in a cooler climate.
      • Sufficient cooking capacity.
      • Not for grilling, the temperature range is ideal for smoking food only.
      • Does not equip with a grease management system.

      Buyers Guide for Best Pellet Smoker

      There are certain things that you must keep in mind before buying the best pellet smoker. Making mind before time saves your time as well as money. Concentrating on the below points will make you purchase the best.


      The Size of the smoker is the first thing that you must determine. You must select the size according to your needs. If you are a small family and are not habitual of arranging parties, then a smoker between 300- 75o square inches is appropriate for you.

      Moreover, you may feel it larger for yourself. But our experts believe that buying within this range saves you from anxiety in case of sudden gathering or any other event. So, it is the ideal size for a small family.

      If you are not a beginner, you must have an idea about the size of the unit. Furthermore, if you are a large family, a smoker with a cooking capacity of 500 and above is best. Above all, the place where to put the smoker also determines the unit’s size, according to the place you need to decide whether to choose from vertical or not.


      The next thing is the unit must be portable. It needs to be portable. If the unit is too much weight, you will face problems moving it or taking it outside for BBQ party purposes. Most of the time, you need to divert the place to clean the unit or to the point where to arrange the party.


      Price is the next point that is of high importance. Here we request you not to confuse the good quality unit with the cheap one. The unit with a price of $1000 will be durable than that of a cheap one. So, the price of the unit determines the quality of the unit.

      However, it is fact that the components of the cheap price unit will get rusted easily, the smoke will leak, and there will be many problems for you compared to the expensive unit. But the advantage of buying the costly unit is that it will serve your generation even.

      Besides, the purchase of the unit depends upon your budget.

      Fuel Consumption

      You must select a unit that does not consume too much fuel. If the unit is not double-walled and made of thin material, it will lose heat early. Especially in a cooler climate, if the unit is made of thin steel, it will not retain heat for a long time. So, you need extra fuel to keep it hot. You must go for a unit that does not consume too much fuel.

      Latest Technology

      Nowadays, companies introduce units that are equipped with the latest technology. The WIFI feature in the smoker enables you to download the app on your phone and get your smoker connected with that. 

      Besides downloading the app, you can have access to the recipes also. The availability of WIFI features makes you balance the heat level from a distance. Companies like Green Mountain Grills try to add more comfort to the life of users by providing free apps.


      Cooking versatility is an important option. If you are buying a smoker, you need to select the naughty baby with more functions. At least your selected item must be more capable than smoking only. The cooking variety of the unit makes you enjoy the BBQ world.

      Wrapping Up

      In the end, we hope that our post-best pellet smokers will enable you to select any of them. If you intend to buy the unit for domestic use, our experts recommend you buy Recteq RT-700. If you search for commercial use, then our experts recommend you buy Recteq RT-2500 BFG- Best Supersized Pellet Smoker. So, to enjoy life with the BBQ touch; the best pellet smoker is at your finger’s click. Don’t hesitate and make a purchase.

      If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with others. Recommended Reading: Best Pellet Smokers Under 500