Best Smoker Cookbooks – Reviewed in Detail for Beginners & Experts

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert chef, or searching for some special recipe, don’t go anywhere stay here because we presented the 11 best smoker cookbooks.  These 11 best smoker cookbooks contain a bundle of information for you carrying the answer to all of your queries. Following these recipes and cooking on the same lines will bring the best results. Your one click can get something best for you. So, make a purchase after having the proper information from the below article.

Best Smoker Cookbooks

The 11 Best Smoker Cook books

Your fingers click can get something best for you. So, do it after having the proper information from the below article.

Real BBQ: The Step-by-Step Smoker Cookbook


  • Author:Will Budiaman
  • Language:English
  • Pages: 172
  • Formats available: Paperback; Kindle

If you are a beginner and are unaware of the art of cooking a delicious meal, then you are pretty near to grasp the art of smoking meat. You do not need to get bothered because you are close to learning naturally. It is the fact that most of us love to cook but to know exactly how to cook is challenging actually. Let’s check the specialty of “Best for Beginner; Real BBQ: The Ultimate Step by Step Smoker Cookbooks.”


It is the best smoker cookbook that consists of more than 100 recipes. Here you can find the way of cooking brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and many more other mouthwatering dishes like that. Herein you will find the recipes of all the famous dishes in your region and that need proper guidelines to cook.

Separate Sections

 The best thing is it has separate sections for beginners, intermediate and advanced recipes. When you practice something in cooking for the first or second time, you don’t want to go to the middle or advanced section. So, going to your desired area, you can have the best of your time.

Contains all BBQ Information

Moreover, this one of the best meat smoking books carries all the information about the best smokers, fuel, and wood flavor. Reading the whole book means you have a clear-cut idea about all the essentials regarding BBQ.

Furthermore, this book provides you the advice about what is the best and what you need to purchase. So, Real BBQ: The Ultimate Step by Step Smoker Cookbooks is the best volume to express your art. You can find the recipes according to your level and can have a lot more fun.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto


  • Author:Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay
  • Language:English
  • Pages: 224
  • Formats available: Hardcover; Kindle

The honor of the restaurant Franklin Barbecue is the most popular and celebrated pitmaster all over America. This particular volume Best smoker cookbook consists of all the education and knowledge regarding meat and brisket cooking from the side of famous pitmasters. In 2009, Aaron Franklin, with little information, took a small barbecue trailer initiative that turned into the most successful and popular barbecue joint after travel few years.”

Full of Knowledge

This is the best smoking meat book from the author’s side Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay. Quite contrary to other recipe books, Franklin Barbecue does not contain instructions. In fact, in the initial chapters, he does not talk anything about methods and ingredients.

It is the unique idea that sets this edition apart from the rest of the books. Moreover, almost throughout his work, he seems to stress the idea that delicious barbecuing does not need any hard and fast rules. The whole process requires only a few tips and instructions to perform the best.

Covers All the Aspects of Barbecue

 Franklin Barbecue as the best smoking recipe book covers all the information you need to know to experience meat smoking in your backyard. This book has chapters that cover the information regarding building and assembling your smoker, so it can be called as one of the best cookbooks for the smokers. This helps you find the best flavor wood according to the type of meat.

Moreover, it also helps you to source the best meat and enables you to cook in a memorable and mind-blowing way that you can’t imagine even. So, instead of presenting recipes, it provides you the instructions based on experience to have the best of your dish. Furthermore, it is an excellent book to follow to smoke mouthwatering and full of flavor meat.

3. Smokin with Myron Mixon – Best Keep It Simple Smoker Cookbook

Smokin' with Myron Mixon


If you are in pursuit of finding the best smoker cookbook out of many, then we are sure Smokin With Myron Mixon will fulfill all of your demands. Myron Mixon is the winner of many awards and trophies in the world of barbecue. This bbq smoker cookbook make him the true deserver of the prizes and awards. In profession, he followed his father. He honestly expanded his parents’ business, remained true to his work, and soon became exceptional among the pitmasters worldwide.”

The Style of Teaching

In his work, he has presented the incredibly wonderful recipes that became the reason for three world championships and more than 180 Championships and made him the shining star in the TV series BBQ Pitmaster.

Mixon will teach you to keep everything simple, contrary to other people who always try to make barbecue complicated. He tells about his experiences of smoking food so that you can follow and do it in the best possible manner. Instead of talking about quantity and competition-based cooking, he guides you to smoke food perfectly whether you are trying to impress your friends or win a barbecue competition.

Recipes Applying on Smokers

The incredible fact that sets him apart from the rest is that he presents the recipes according to the smoker type, this characteristic also distincts it best smoking cookbook. So, whether you are using an offset, Kamado, electric, or gas grill, you can find the recipe according to your smoker. In this way, you can perform the best being tension-free as what to do using this particular kind of smoker. Enjoy a lot having Smokin With Myron Mixon.

4. Project Smoke – Best for Smoking Meats

Best for Smoking Meats: ‘Project Smoke’


Steven Raichlen is a well-known guy in the world of smoking and barbecuing. He is famous as the master chef and has the complete knowledge and understanding of cooking delicious dishes. He has covered all the aspects that you need to know for smoking mouthwatering nourishment. Due to his vast knowledge Project Smoke may be called the best cookbook for smoking food.


The book ‘Project Smoke” comprises almost 100 recipes.  He presents step by step guide toward the topic of how to choose the right smoker and how you can get the most out of your smoking machine. He gives the best details to clarify the issue that even a novice person can clearly understand everything.

 Moreover, the author also clarifies the type of fuel, different tools making the “Smoke Project” the best smoker cookbook.

Grasping All the Cooking Techniques

In this work, the author makes the reader understand all the cooking techniques like cold and hot smoking. The reader also comes to know how to smoke meat with tea and hay. The detailed and step-by-step guide makes smoking and barbecuing accessible to the chef.

Good Presentation

One of the best things about this book is that the writer has made the presentation eye-catching by presenting colorful photos of the dishes. These beautiful pictures of words attract the reader’s attention, and the reader wants to try them. In addition to this, starting from fundamental traditional food, the book “Smoke Project” covers thevast aspects of barbecuing and smoking food.

5. Pitmaster – Best Expert Collection Smoker Cookbook



  • Author:Andy Husbands, Chris Hart
  • Language:English
  • Pages:224
  • Formats available:  Kindle; Hardcover

The work “Pitmaster” is for those who want to know exceptional and prize winners barbecue professionals. The quality that distinguishes this bbq book as on of the best bbq books is the struggle of 10 prize holder restaurants and food smoking professionals.

Covers the Wide Range

 This bbq book, “Pitmaster,” clears all the ambiguities of the reader does not matter what the level of the cooker is. Whether you are new to cooking or having some experience in this field, you have this book to fix all your weak areas.

Moreover, starting from very rudimentary cooking Memphis-style ribs, this cookbook explains all cooking and barbecuing styles.

Best for Winning Competitions

Understanding the tips and tricks maintained in the book means you can win competition-ready results in your backyard. For a chef, barbecue and smoking meat are the ways of living, and surely you can get the best way knowing the clever tips and tricks described in the book.


This brilliantly composed work of authors presents the recipes according to the type of the smoker like Kamado, Offset, and Weber, etc.

This cookbook comprises the techniques starting from very traditional and covers all the new styles of smoking and barbecuing.

Furthermore, every chapter describes in detail the new aspect, and a regional guest pitmaster in every chapter analyzes the dish based on exceptional regional taste. It is the distinctive feature of this book. So, following all the tips and rules of this smoking cookbook, you can entertain your family and friends in the best way.

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling


Mastering the art and craft of cooking is particularly essential if you want the barbecue the way of life. Knowing and applying the tips while smoking or barbecuing is something that requires your effort to get familiar with the style of cooking a delicious meal. To clear the mystery of barbecuing, it is elementary to understand the best interaction of meat, spices, and other ingredients. This barbecue book will enable you knowing all these things


Purchasing this book means you have access to more than 100 recipes. Following these recipes means you are sure to have the best results that you were not expecting.


The book’s authors present the step-by-step guide of all the techniques, styles, tools, smoking, and barbecuing. You can find all the rules and regulations related to backyard smoking and cooking.

The author clarifies the chemistry of all the types of meat, dry and wet brining, the specific quantity of other ingredients like spices, and the importance of using accurate digital temperature checker devices for smoking tasteful food.


 The author has made a beautiful and attractive presentation. This work contains regional, traditional, and new recipes with color photos of the food.

Best for All

As one of the best smoker cookbooks MeatHead contains all the myths, tricks, and methods for all- beginner, intermediate, and expert. All the concepts of smoking and barbecuing are easy to understand and act upon, ensuring the best result of whatever you are cooking. Buy this cookbook through our link and have a lot more fun.

Hot Coals: A Users Guide to Mastering Your Kamado Grill


  • Author:JoroenHazebroek, Leonard Elenbass
  • Language:English
  • Pages:160
  • Formats available: Kindle; Hardcover

Kamado grills are the best for attaining the best outcome. For smoking on low and slow heat, Kamado Grills made of ceramic material are the wise option. Having this detailed guideline means you are going to be a rounded chef within no time.

Smoking Versatility

Through this cookbook, one can grasp searing methods, grilling and roasting the substances using Kamado Grills. All the techniques are organized so that you will forget about other classic and modern grills.


 This best bbq cookbook “Hot Coals” covers all the weaknesses and strengths of using Kamado and fixes all the problems that one can face through thirteen detailed recipes. These recipes are easy to follow for beginners, intermediate people. Purchasing this one of the best smoker cookbooks and following the recipes means you have something great to do for your family and friends.

The Brisket Chronicles: How to Barbecue


As it is evident through the title “The Brisket Chronicles,” the best smoker cookbook covers all the areas related to brisket. Having this one of the best barbecue books means one can overcome all the queries of brisket. In this way, it is good we have something particularly related to brisket to maintain our results.

Tips and Tricks

Like all other best smoker cookbooks it presents the tricks to help you learn all the techniques related to barbecuing and smoking. This cookbook has almost 60 recipes that explain the various types of brisket like barbecuing, frying, boiling, braising. You come across multiple recipes of how to cook brisket.

Multiple Side Dishes

The author also describes multiple side dishes besides briskets like slaws, salads, and sauces. Lastly, this cookbook incredibly contains multiple styles of brisket which are easy to act upon and do something special for the people around you.

Smoke and Spice - Best Original Smoker Cookbook


  • Author: Cheryl and Bill Jamison
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 560
  • Formats available: Paperback; Kindle;

Smoke and Spice, due to its best content, comes in our list of Best Smoker Cookbooks. It is the most used and popular of all bbq smoking books in the world of barbecue and smoking meat.


Cheryl and Bill Jamison make sure in the book that the chef does not need to follow blindly. This cookbook covers from basic traditionally and ends up with new. You can have all the information and knowledge related to your area of difficulty.


This cookbook contains the techniques in an organized way, and the user does not get bore because these techniques are not in abundance.

Easy to Follow

In this best cookbook for smokers author makes all the things easy to follow in your backyard to win incredible results.

Slow Fire: The Beginners Guide to Barbecue


  • Author: Lampe Ray
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 176
  • Formats available: Paperback; Kindle;

Best for Beginners  in this barbecue cook book the author describes that barbecuing is quite simple; it does not require any hard and fast rules on the user’s side. There are no special techniques to follow for smoking delicious, mouthwatering, and tasteful meat.

Number of Recipes

He, within this best smoker cookbook, maintains 68 recipes based on his knowledge and experience. In other words it may be called best beginner smoker recipes book.

Versatile in Nature

 This bbq cookbook, “Slow Fire,” written incredibly, enables beginner and intermediate and expert users to cook mouthwatering and flavorful meat. Every user with a classic smoker, propane, offset vertical and electric smoker can get the advantage from ‘Slow Fire”. It is an excellent cookbook consisting of smoker recipes for beginners starting their journey toward the world of smoking.

The complete electric smoker cookbook


This complete electric smoker recipe book presents the step-by-step guide to cook flavorful dishes using electric power. This best smoker recipe book precisely gives you the advice to master the smoking and barbecuing methods.

Best for Beginners

The author of the book maintains techniques that are easy to follow for the new user.

This is the best beginner cookbook because the author keeps the recipe simple and avoids using many ingredients.  Smoking using an electric smoker is a simple and hassle-free process, and recipes to are simple and easy to act upon.

Other Essentials

Moreover, this cookbook keeping in view the electric smoker adds some more elementary aspects. Using an electric smoker, one can smoke food in bulk so, this work includes some tips and tricks about storing meat keeping its shape and taste the same as that of fresh.

 Bottom Line

In the end, we hope that our guideline Best Smoker Cookbook has presented valuable information to assist you in delivering the best results in the line of smoking and barbecuing. Reading this guideline you can get the advantage of recipes, tips, and tricks, various methods, and techniques maintained by famous authors with just a single click of your finger. So, don’t get late and have a lot more fun purchasing the best bbq smoker cookbook.