Can You Use Wood Chips in a Pellet Smoker?

Can you use wood chips in a pellet smoker? It is a complex question that needs a lot of interpretation. So, our experts intended to answer your search that whether to use wood chips in a pellet smoker or not. The short answer to this question is not. Let’s probe further into details to prove our answer.

Can You Use Wood Chips in a Pellet Smoker

What are Wood Chips?

Wood chips are pieces of wood that vary from one another based on size and shape. These are the pieces of the larger trees, and approximately their dimension is from 16 to 45mm. In addition to this, wood chips are dry, so they tend to burn quickly.

Furthermore, to use them in a smoker, sometimes they are soaked to avoid fast burning. Most of the time, wrapping them in foil paper for burning lessens its consumption, providing the best results.

The basic purpose of using wood chips is to add a smokey flavor to food. Because wood chips have a special taste of smoke. Instead of serving as a heat source, it tends to provide a strong smokey flavor.

Wood Chips

The Reasons Not to Use Wood Chips in Pellet Smoker?

Few reasons restrict the use of adding wood chips in a pellet smoker. These reasons are as below;

1: The size and shape of wood chips are not uniform. The structure of the drill of Pellet Smoker does not match the structure of wood chips.

2: The wood chips do not produce high heat. They provide a strong smokey flavor. So as a fuel it is a big mistake to use them.

3; Moreover, to use them for heat purposes, the fuel consumption will be high. Besides, you will avoid standing for a long time to add fuel.

What Is The Best Fuel for Pellet Smoker?

Talking about the best fuel for Pellet Smokers, it is right to state that using wood pellets provides you with the best results.  Wood Pellets is the best option for those who want to enjoy the smokey flavor but don’t want to do much hassle.

To add this, using wood pellets as fuel fuses your food with a strong aroma of natural smoke that barbecue lovers like. Moreover, wood pellets are almost free from moisture as they are formed from sawdust.

Furthermore, there are several pros and cons of using wood pellets in a Pellet Smoker, which are as below.

Pros of Using Wood Pellets in a Pellet Smoker

Wood pellets are full of a strong smokey flavor. This flavor is the favorite of BBQ lovers.
Hold less space in a Pellet Smoker as compared to natural wood.
Using wood pellets, the user remains free of tension of stuffing fuel inside with regular intervals.
This fuel source is very economical.#Label

Cons of Using Wood Pellets in a Pellet Smoker

The natural smoky flavor for some meats becomes much intense, making the food bitter.  Besides, it is a wonderful experience to use wood pellets in a Pellet Smoker.

In a Nut Shell

The gist of the whole discussion, “Can You Use Wood Pellets in a Pellet Smoker” is that using natural wood pellets will bring the relevant results.It is best to use because wood pellets are natural, and using them is very economical.

Moreover, they add a strong smoky taste to food. So, it is like the icing on the cake. The use of wood chips does not bring better results as compared to wood pellets. It does not provide sufficient heat to the food. Moreover, the user has to add fuel time and again. So, the idea of using wood chips in a pellet smoker does not seem appropriate. Don’t forget to check out our review on best wood for smoking