How to Clean an Electric Smoker with mold a Complete Guide

Knowing properly how to clean an electric smoker will enable you to extend the working life of your best electric smoker. To get quality results, you must clean the smoker after each use. If you feel the process of cleaning an electric smoker difficult, then in this post, we intend to help you through step by step guide on how to clean an electric smoker. We sure after getting the details you will enjoy cleaning your smoker.

How to Clean an Electric Smoker

Step by Step Guide: How to Clean an Electric Smoker

After reading the whole guide, you will understand how to clean the several components of the smoker, how to face mold, and how to maintain the unit cleaning it? Following the step-by-step guideline, you can easily clean the electric smoker.

What Are the Tools That You Need to Clean an Electric Smoker?

To add this, initially, you need to know the tools required to clean the smoker. So here is a list of the items that you must arrange before starting the cleanliness of the unit.

  • Bristle free grill brush
  • A sheet to cover the floor where you intend to clean an electric smoker.
  • Pieces of clean cotton clothes.
  • Tongs, paper towels, and vegetable oil
  • Boiling Water
  • A microwave-safe bowl
  • A glass cleaner
  • A stainless steel cleaner
  • Gloves to keep your hands safe.
  • Apple vinegar or lemon juice as an effective cleaning agent.

Unplug the Smoker

To add this, the first and foremost thing is you must unplug the unit. Stopping the electric supply to the unit will keep you safe from electric shock.

Moreover, if you forget to do so, you are likely to receive a shock. So, keeping all safety measures in mind, don’t forget to stop the unit from getting an electric supply.

Let Your Smoker Cool Down

As soon as you unplug the unit, keep the unit for a while until it gets cool. Leaving it to cool is the best option there. Because as it is warm, the residue or any build-up will get soft, so you can easily remove it.

To add this, if you haven’t used your smoker before cleaning the unit, you need to reheat the unit to soften the debris. For almost 45-50 minutes, you need to get it to the maximum temperature. After that, let it be cool. Because as it is hot, you can’t even touch it.

In addition to this, electric smokers take different temperatures. They do vary from model to model. But the ideal preheating temperature for your ideal model is 275-degree F.

As soon as the time (45-50 minutes) gets over, it would help if you cooled down your smoker. Once it gets cool down, you are free to touch the surface, components inside and outside the unit.

Cover the Area

In the next step, you need to cover the area to clean the unit with a sheet. It is necessary to cover the surface because as soon as you get finished your job, there will be no litter around. You only need to fold your sheet and move ahead to wash that.

Moreover, the covering sheet must be double the size of the smoker. Place your unit in the middle of the sheet, and then you are ready to go!

Wear the Safety Gloves

Further, you need to wear safety gloves to avoid any injury. If you have sensitive skin, you may get cut using soapy water or lemon juice, etc.

So, don’t forget to adopt all safety precautions.

Wear the Safety Gloves

Removing Ash

In the next step, if you have ash in your ash box, you must remove that. Make clear your ashtray or wood chips box. If it is hot, don’t throw it in plastic dustbins as the dustbin can burn. For this, use the non-combustible container as using it there are no chances of getting burnt.

Removing Ash

Clean The Ash Box

In the next step, you need to clean the ash box. The physical appearance of the ash box will be dirty as it holds the ash. To make it clean, make the mixture of warm water, apple vinegar, and lemon juice. Use an equal quantity of all these things andput the solution in any spray bottle.

Now spray inside your ash box. Rub it gently so that there remains no debris. After that, rinse it properly and dry it with a clean cotton soft cloth. Please keep it in a dry and airy place to make it dry properly.

Remove All the Components

Mostly the smoker consists of components like cooking racks, water pan, wood chip box. These all components during the smoking food process collect a large quantity of grease and debris. To clean them all, you must draw out all the components.

You were now taking the hot water to the extent that you can dip all these components for around half an hour. So that the grease over then can become soften, creating ease for you to remove it after that takin soapy water using a soft sponge rub gently to remove all sticking.

Moreover, if you feel that still, some debris is the, you need to take the plastic scrapper scrub gently to remove all. Now rinse all the components using clean water. Please put them in a dry and airy place to make them dry properly.

Remove All the Components

Cleaning The Inside of Your Smoker

The inside area of the smoker needs to clean at any cost because during food smoking sessions there stick the grease and any other debris which can’t be seen. But when you draw out all the components, you can find a lot of sticking over there. The walls, the surface, and the inside of the door even everything needs to be cleaned.

So, to remove all, use your plastic scraper and a soft bristle brush to scrub the grease and food stickings from the walls, the surface, and the door as well. Collect all the debris in one corner of the smoker, then throw them into the dustbin.

After that, it was taking a soft cotton cloth dip it in warm soapy water. Rub all the sides of the smoker, the floor the door to make sure there is no debris, and everything is clean now. Once more, take another clean cloth, dip it in soapy water, and clean everything. After that, take a dry clean cloth and dry the inside of the unit properly.

To add this, clean the inside of your smoker gently using a soft bristle brush and plastic scrapper. The purpose behind it is only to clean the smoker making it sticking free. Clean inside deeply because it is free of components now, and everything is visible here.

Important Note

Keep in mind during cleaning the unit, and the main purpose is only to make the unit sticking free. The inside walls of the unit are already dark. Don’t try to rub them. The darkening called seasoning makes your smoker rust-free and improves its working efficiency.

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Cleaning the Outside of Glassdoor

The outside of the door also needs to be properly cleaned. All the grease sticks to a glass door during the food smoking session, making it difficult for you to see inside. Take warm soapy water and a soft sponge, gently rub the door until it gets cleaned. Rinse the door properly after scrubbing the grease.

Additionally, spray the grill cleaner on the door to loosen the grease and wipe the glass clean with a damp sponge.

Clean the Outside of the Smoke

Dust gathers on the outside of the smoker. Additionally, the touching of your hands makes the unit somehow dirty. Despite cleaning the unit, there stick some dust and grease. So it b becomes essential to clean the outside.

To add this, for this purpose taking a soft cotton cloth. Wet it in soapy water. Wipe it to remove the dust cover it. After that, wipe your doors seals. Not cleaning them properly will make your smoker work improperly.

Dry Your Smoker Inside and Outside

As soon as you have cleaned the whole smoker from inside and outside properly, it would help if you dried that. Put all the components and the smoker itself in a dry or airy place or sunshine if it is there and leave it for an hour almost. Remain close to your unit to avoid any unusual.

Furthermore, dry the racks, drip tray, and water pan with a soft towel to absorb any residual moisture.

Put The Components Back

Make sure that all the parts are dried completely. If Yes? Then it is time to put all the things back in the unit from bottom to top. Fix the drip tray, water pan, and then cooking racks in the smoker.

Close the door of the unit. Once again, taking a dry soft, and clean cotton cloth, rub the inside gently and outside the unit as soon as you have finished.

To add this, it is time to put your unit at its place back.

How to Clean an Electric Smoker If There is Mold Inside?

Mostly the people face various types of problems with their electric smokers. The problems are different from smoker to smoker. But one problem is the same with all the units does not matter it is expensive or inexpensive. The problem is unit gets the mold and maggots if it is kept at a moisture place or doesn’t use that unit for some time.

But don’t worry, the solution is pretty easy, and you can get rid of the problem.

Additionally, take all the components of your smoker and soaked them in iodine and vinegar solution. You can take iodine because of its better results. If it is not available, then you can take any solution that is high in acidity. After that, wipe everything with a soft cotton cloth.

Furthermore, put all the things back in the smoker and run the unit over the highest temperature for almost an hour. The higher temperature will bring good results to you. At a higher temperature, the mold and maggots will completely vanish.

Moreover, the problem is no mote now. Now ready to move ahead?

How Often to Clean an Electric Smoker?

The question that comes to mind of the electric smoker users is how often to clean the unit? The simple answer to the question is after every use.

After each smoking food session, many grease and food sticking collect the inside and outside of the unit. So to get proper results, it is essential to clean the unit.

Furthermore, to make your next session tastier, you need to clean that so that the aroma of food and sticking may not get mixed in your food.

In addition to this, if the smoker is not cleaned, mold and maggots are growing. Besides, some insects can get inside the unit. To avoid all the unusual to happen, clean it properly for the next use.

Besides, most of the professionals are of the view:

The electric smoker needs to be cleaned after 23-28 hours of use.

So, keep clean the unit and enjoy smoking food.

Final Words

 In the end, we hope our post “how to clean an electric smoker” will make your cleaning smoker process easy. Following the guidelines, you can accomplish your cleaning process without any expenses which definitely sounds good.

Additionally, when once you purchase the electric smoker, it has the potential to serve you for years to come. You will think, how is it, possible baby? The only thing that makes it happen so is the proper cleanliness and care of the unit. The care of the electric smoker is the main element that extends the smoker’s working life. Keep your unit clean to get the best out of it.

Furthermore, you can apply your methods to clean the unit and please let us know if you have some tips and tricks? Kindly share them through the comments below. We will be waiting for your precious knowledge.

Thanks a lot! Happy grilling!