How to Grill a Frozen Steak On The Grill and Smoker Step by Step Guide

Do you find yourself in difficulty as to how to grill a frozen steak? But you will be amazed at the answer that it will take only less than an hour to grill a frozen steak. Surely you do not need to get frustrated at your guests’ sudden arrival because we have presented some tips and tricks for grilling a frozen steak. Do follow these instructions to get an appropriate idea.

How is it possible to grill a frozen steak?

The idea to grill a frozen steak really seems amazing. You can do it by altering some cooking techniques.

Using a two-zone cooking technique makes it true to grill frozen steak perfectly.

Sear your steak before seasoning it, and the low heat level will cook the interior nicely.

How to grill a frozen steak?

For grilling frozen steak, you need to follow these tips.

Monitoring Heat Level

Monitoring the exact heat level really determines the taste of your steak. To observe the heat, you need an accurate, fast temperature teller device. A good quality instant thermometer like the thermapen MK4 is the ideal gadget for grilling. One thing to bear in mind is your grill is ready to pull it off the grill with a difference of 5- 10 F. When the temperature is 5 F below your desired level, you need to remove it from the grill to avoid overcooking.

Thick Steaks

Always grill thick steaks because thin steaks interior will be overcooked when the surface heat level reaches 350 F; you need a good Maillard Reaction inducing sear. Around a minimum of 1-inch-thick steak, if frozen, will be appropriate for grilling. Moreover, you must go for thick steaks like Ribeye, Porterhouse, or New York stripe for freezing purposes because they present good results when grilling them as freeze.

Indirect Heat

Using indirect heat is elementary for grilling frozen steaks. Frozen steaks are cooked perfectly using the two-zone cooking technique.

While using the grill, you must increase one of your burners to have a high heat level and decrease the other to have a low level of heat.

Furthermore, if you are using a charcoal grill, you can collect all coals on one side and leave the other side without any more. The side having coals will provide high heat, and the other will give low heat.

When you are grilling frozen steak, you can get browned crust surface of the steak using the hot side. On the other hand, using a cool side allows the heat to travel to the steak center. The innermost part of the steak is cooked over a low heat level.

Season After Searing

It is a nice idea to season your steak after searing it. In other words, before converting it to indirect heat, you have the chance to season the frozen steak. This is probably the best idea to season the frozen steak.

A step by step guide to grill frozen steak

Setting the Temperature

Using a two-zone cooking technique (high heat and low heat) will bring amazing results. To set the right temperature, you need to leave about 5-7 minutes for a gas grill and 7-10 minutes for a charcoal grill.

Searing the Frozen Steak

After setting the right temperature, you are ready to sear your frozen steak.  Putting steak for almost 5 minutes on each side on a grill will bring good results. For mouthwatering taste, you need to observe the internal temperature of the steak as well. Ideally, it should not cross 90F.

Season your Steak

The purpose of searing before seasoning frozen steak is to melt it to some extent. Due to the icy surface, you cannot season it. After searing it and getting its surface pink, you are ready to season it with salt, pepper, and other spicy ingredients. Kosher salt has the ability to mix itself in a better way. So you are recommended to use it for seasoning purposes.

Indirect Heat

After seasoning the steak, it is time to cook it over indirect heat. Because it is cooked over high heat, it will get burn. So, low and slow heat is best for cooking the interior of the steak. To get the exact reading of the temperature, you must have an instant-read thermometer. Check our table below and pull out steak accordingly off the grill.

Bottom Line

Our step-by-step guide will help you a lot in case if you have unexpected guests or an unplanned dinner of steak. Following these steps, you can take your steak from the freezer and start grilling them. You only need to be careful about temperature level which is omen that everything will be great. Experience it and let us know how your experience was.