How to Reheat Pulled Pork – Keeping it Moist and Delicious

Most of the time, it does happen that you smoke pork in a bulk quantity and store the extra one. But the difficulty arises when you do not know exactly how to reheat pulled pork. Intending to help you out, in this article on how to reheat bbq pulled pork, we have tried to present some methods of reheating pulled pork. You can try them to show the wonders of your art of cooking.

How to Reheat Pulled Pork

How to Reheat Smoked Pulled Pork

Reheating pulled pork in the right way needs certain expertise on the side of the chef. A question mostly comes in the mind of the beginner as can you freeze pulled pork? The answer to the question is to reheat pulled pork in the best manner, you need to freeze it smartly. Your meat needs moisture to reheat pork, so do not waste the drippings during the smoking pork process.

It would help if you collected the drippings when you store your leftover pulled pork to use them again when reheating the pork. To keep the pulled pork moist when reheating is an art and such perfection demands your keen interest.

So, below is the answer to your question, “how to reheat pulled pork and keep it moist.” Acting upon these methods, you will surely get good results. You can choose any of these methods to satisfy your desire as how to reheat the pulled pork the next day.

How to reheat pulled pork in Oven

 Reheating pulled pork in oven is the quickest and easiest method.

The Things You Need to reheat pulled pork in oven:

A baking tray.


Dripping Sauce

Apple juice


Preheat the oven to 225- 250 degrees. During the process, you need to prepare the meat that you intend to reheat. Put the pork in the dish and set it right.

Add the remaining moistures or a few ounces of apple juice, cider vinegar, or a thick BBQ sauce to keep it moist and tender, and soft.

 Cover the dish in a double layer of foil. To keep the moisture inside, then put the tray in the oven.

Cook until your thermometer reaches the internal temperature of 165F.

As soon as the temperature goes to 165F, open the foil. It takes almost half an hour to get the temperature to 165F.

Now take your meat back; you can shred it if you wish, mostly you need to shred it when the meat is stored.

Use heat-proof gloves to keep your hands and fingers safe.

Reheat the pork on the grill

You can easily reheat the pork using a grill. 2 Zone cooking method make it easy for you to do your job nicely.

In the 2 zone cooking method, keep one of your burners turned off and set the other high.

Using the charcoal grill, collect the charcoal one side on one side of the grill creating the hot zone.

On the hot side of the grill, bring the temperature of the cool side to 225F.

Do not forget to thaw the meat if frozen after taking it out of the freezer.

Now wrap your meat in double-layered foil.

Add half a cup of water to keep the full meat moisture. Put your pork on the cool side or indirect side until it reaches a temperature up to 165F.

Now unwrap the meat, be careful that all the moisture remains inside.

Shred the pork meat using heat-proof gloves. Now put it in a pan.

Remove the pork from the grill and clean the foil to add remaining moisture.

It is time to serve meat and enjoy it.

How To Reheat Pulled Pork in a Crockpot

If you want to reheat pulled pork using an easier method, then the crockpot method can give you the best results. Reheating pulled pork in a crock pot is the easiest method.

Initially, you have to defrost your meat for almost 20- 24 hours if it is frozen.

Put your meat in the pot, set your crockpot at the lowest heat level.

Add ¼ cup of water to your meat. But keep in mind that do not add much water to the pot because it will not present good results.

Crockpot will bring the meat’s internal temperature up to 165F to do your job in the best way.

As soon as the temperature reaches up to 165F, bring your meat out of the pot.

Now it is time to serve, and you are ready to deliver.

Reheating Pulled Pork using Sous Vide Method

You can reheat your meat by dipping it in hot water in the Sous Vide method, covering it in a vacuum-sealed bag. In this method, you can reheat pork nicely using a vacuum bag.

However, to use this method, you need to make a small investment. You need to purchase a sous vide machine. If you have this machine, you can reheat your pulled pork from frozen and not need to defrost it from 20- 24 hours.

We do not like using this method because it also vacuums sealer to store the meat.

Bring your sous to vide machine up to 165F.

Put your meat in the vacuum bag.

Put your bag full of meat in the machine.

Keep the vacuum bag in hot water for 40- 45 minutes per inch of the contents’ thickness.

Moreover, if you are reheating the frozen, then put the bag for extra 30 minutes because it will take time as it is frozen.

Using this method, you do not need to add some extra moisture because the meat is in the sealed bag, and the sous vide method takes indirect heat. In this method, there is no chance of sticking the meat to the sides.

Can you Reheat Pulled Pork Using Microwave?

You can reheat your pulled pork using the microwave. Some of you may not like the idea because it is not safe for human health.

Moreover, if you are more concerned regarding your health, you can use a good quality BPA or Phthalate-free storage bag or use an FDA-regulated microwave safe container or a microwave glass dish.

Ensure your pork is in a safe glass dish or microwave-safe container, cover thoroughly, and keep the heat level from slow to medium.

Keep the meat in the microwave until the temperature reaches up to 165F.

To save your meat from drying out, you can add moisture to keep it tender.

Reheating Pulled Pork Using Skillet Method

How to keep the pulled pork moist when reheating? You can reheat the pulled pork without getting worried about moisture lost. pork meat will maintain its original shape and texture. This best pull pork recipe will give you the amazing results.


Start the process by coating the skillet with nonstick cooking spray.

Now add the drippings up to the mark covering the pans bottom at least two inches. Put sauce until it covers the pork.

Now add pulled pork keeping the heat from medium to high cook it for three to five minutes.

You need to cover the skillet and keep the meat inside for at least 6-8 minutes.

Now take your meat out of the pan and serve it. Your guests will lick the fingers after tasting it.

How to reheat pulled pork using Steam

Many people like the steaming meat method. For heating up pulled pork this is the best method that works well, keeping the meat tender and soft.

To add moisture, you can add apple juice to steam it and add some sweetness and softness. But if you want to keep the original taste, you can add water to steam the pulled pork.

Now, add the pulled pork to the pot and put a steaming basket over it.

Do not overfill it because Steam needs to move freely.

Cover the pot for at least 30-35 minutes, and you can add some more water to moisten your food.

Now it is time to remove your pork and serve it.

How To Reheat Frozen Pulled Pork Using Stove

Moreover, you can reheat the pulled pork using the stove. You can do it over a low heat level.

So, let’s move to check the details.

Use a high-quality pan and reheat it.

As soon as the pan warms up, put a cup of water until it starts to simmer.

Keep the low heat level and put the pork inside.

Now let the pulled pork stir inside with the liquid. During the process, you can add water to soften it.

Continue the process until the heat level reaches up to 165F.

165F is the magical figure for heat level that you need to follow during all methods.

Bottom Line

Finally, we hope that our article on how to reheat the pulled pork will assist you in many ways. It has a lot more information to satisfy your curiosity.

Following all the directions you will get the best way to reheat pulled pork. Keep in mind that165F is the ideal temperature level for reheating the pulled pork. You don’t need to waste the leftover pulled pork rather it is usable.

However, you can use all of the above methods, but we do not recommend using a microwave for reheating pork because it can be dangerous for health.

Above all, do practice and let us know how it was? Moreover, let us know through the comments below if you have experienced some other reheating pull pork methods.