How to Slice a Brisket Properly in Simple and Easy Steps

After cooking the delicious brisket, now it is a big game how to slice a brisket perfectly? We decided to present a detailed guideline of ” How to slice a brisket”? Because it is better to learn than to ruin the expensive brisket piece.

How to slice a brisket? To add the mouthwatering and delicious taste to the brisket slice, follow the below guideline on how to slice beef brisket?

How to Cut A Smoked Brisket? The things you need before slicing a brisket

  • A good brisket knife for cutting brisket
  • A towel
  • A large cutting board
  • A well-Rested Brisket

Brisket Knife

Brisket Knife

How do you slice a brisket? For this before slicing a brisket, you must know how to cut a brisket. For cutting a brisket you essentially need a knife. How to carve a brisket? For this you need to opt for a good brisket knife that must be long and serrated. Moreover, the perfect knife will assure an ideal slice and make it easier to do the job. A sharp knife enables you to answer your question “how to cut beef brisket” in a better way.


The second thing that you need is a soft and clean towel. Throughout the process, you may need it direly.  So, arranging a reusable and neat towel is necessary.

A Large Cutting Board

Large Cutting Board

The third thing you need is to arrange a large cutting board for the type of butcher’s block. We suggest having it because it will make the process of slicing easy. Putting g your cut of meat over it, you can quickly turn it around.

Moreover, the board must be at least two inches thick and weighty enough so that it can retain your brisket from gliding and slipping here and there. So, buying abutcher’s block for this purpose will be a good investment. It will last a long couple of years.

Furthermore, you need a butcher’s board for slicing nicely and gently, but if you have a small kitchen and do not have a good place for putting a large board, you can go by placing a soft clean towel. After finishing, you can wash it and dry it thoroughly for subsequent use. It is a good idea from an investment point of view. You can continue by placing a towel over the shelf and move forward.

A fine Brisket

fine Brisket
fine Brisket

As soon as your brisket reaches the ideal temperature of 203F- 205F, wrap it nicely with a foil and leave it in an old cooler and the type of utensil. Doing this will keep your meat safe and warm for several hours. If you do not have foil, you can use a soft towel for this purpose.

Moreover, to stop the brisket’s juices, the best way is to reset it in a cooler or jar for around 50- 60 minutes.  You can enhance the timing by up to three hours.

Furthermore, our quick observation shows that the brisket that rested at least for 1 hour lost three tablespoons of juices(moisture) than that which did not rest.

The not rested brisket lost at least ten tablespoons of moistures when slicing. The observation shows the clear difference between the rested and not rested brisket.

Therefore, we recommend you rest the brisket for almost 1 hour.

Now let’s step forward towards slicing a brisket. We have everything ready, a well-rested brisket, a knife, a towel to clean hand or something and a large-sized butchers board- comfortable for slicing.

The most important thing to bear in mind that slice the brisket only if you have the plan to enjoy it. Don’t pre-slice and freeze it because it will ruin and spoil your brisket. Secondly, your first trial of slicing a brisket may not be so good, but the second or third trial will be fruitful.

The separation between flat and point

The flat and point of brisket have fibers that contain two different directions. The beginner will be surprised at the idea how to cut brisket? So, cut your brisket in the way to separate the flat from the point.

Remove the extra fats.

Secondly, after separating the flat from the tip, you must remove or cut the extra flats.

It is true that fats add taste to the food and make it delicious, but the over fat will make your dish extra wet and greasy, which you will not like. So, top make your brisket worth eating and to look good, you need to trim the extra fats.

Removing The Tip

Remove the tip and chop it nicely and serve it. This is the best trick of administering and making use of burnt ends. To add this, the tip is the smallest part of the cut, and due to size, mostly it gets overcooked.

Slice The Flat

The flat is the part of the brisket that is used for slicing. Slice the flat of your brisket. Cut the slice with the strikes of the knife about the thickness of almost the pencil. Furthermore, hold the brisket gently and make a slice nicely.

Slice the Point- do you cut brisket with Grain or Against the Grain

After slicing the flat, it is time to slicing the point of the brisket.

To avoid ending up with a small-sized slice, you must cut it lengthwise. The grain in point runs in different directions to the flat. So, try to find the direction that contains the grain and cut to make a slice across it.

You may take time to find the grain, but a little hard work would bring good results in the end. Once you have done all, you can enjoy a juicy and d delicious slice of the brisket and a small quantity of crispy burnt end.

Bottom Line

In the end, we hope our guideline on how to slice brisket will help you a lot. Following the above directions can save your brisket from getting ruin and destroy.

Resting your brisket is the best way to enjoy tasty, mouthwatering and delicious slices.

Experience slicing brisket at home, and share your experience with us through the comments below. Slice brisket and enjoy it.