How to Store Charcoal Step by Step Guideline

How to Store Charcoal

We would help solve the question ‘how to store charcoal,” probably when grilling season has ended. Charcoal is the perfect choice for summer grilling, but it must be properly stored to fire up when you are ready. 

To keep your charcoal fresh and at its peak performance level, there are some rules that you need to follow because you cannot just store your charcoal in any container. After all, it could spoil or even cause an accident when mishandled!

The below discussion contains too much information on how to store charcoal properly.

Step by Step Guideline as how to store charcoal

Before probing into details, let’s see what charcoal is?

Use Of Charcoal

The charcoal briquette is the most common type of fuel for outdoor cooking. If you’re a barbecue pursuit, nothing beats charcoal and its ability to provide heat in all kinds of weather. Once it gets wet, though, perhaps the only option is throwing out your bag rather than using it again because briquettes can’t hold up under moist conditions. Paying attention to how to store charcoal bags will help us get the most use from them.

The Danger

Do you find it dangerous to store charcoal because there are rumors that it can burst if we store it? It is not the reality at all, So baby! Don’t worry about it because we tried to reach the fact and succeeded in getting the reality. To avoid spontaneous combustion, we must use the right type of coal. House coal causes these stories to spread because it’s more flammable than other types like lump wood charcoal or BBQ charcoal briquettes! Lump wood charcoal or bbq charcoal briquettes are much better choices!

To add this, did you know that house coal is a fossil fuel made up of organic matter compressed and heated a long time ago? They have lots of organic compounds and gases, which can self-ignite if damp or exposed to pressure. The heat created by pressure is the thing that causes flame. If you store the quantity in the proportion of the size of your house, then the explosion chances are almost equal to not.

Above all, we use charcoal in our BBQs, and it’s nowhere as hazardous to store as house coal. The difference in their makeup: one contains chemicals that can be harmful when stored incorrectly, while the other doesn’t contain those dangerous elements. We only need to keep them away from moistures and water reach.

Can You Use the Wet Charcoal?

Furthermore, if your fuel gets wet, you might be able to salvage the charcoal. You could get rid of any excess water and store them in a dry location. You can dry out the wet lump and use it. Just lay the clump of clay in a single layer on your patio table to let it naturally air-dry by itself in sunlight.

To add this, if the charcoal has not dried completely, it will take longer to light and burn poorly. To speed up this process, one can use new fuel on the bottom of a chimney starter while adding wet but now-dried charcoal above.

Nevertheless, briquettes are another story. Depending upon the amount of moisture, you may or may not be able to dry them out. If they crumble in your hand, forget it. However, if wet briquettes don’t disintegrate, try drying them outside for a couple of days before using them again as fire starters with hot coals on grill fires. You can get good results after drying out the wet charcoal and briquettes only on the condition if they are of high quality.

How Do We Need to Keep Charcoal with Care?

MY dear! To enjoy the smoky, mouthwatering BBQ, we need to store charcoal with extreme care. The reason is that you can’t take advantage of them if they get wet. Charcoal may not go bad easily, but it cannot be stored in less-than-ideal conditions. For example, water and charcoal do not mix well together; leaving the briquettes outside exposes them to rain, making their efficiency hard to maintain. When you leave your bag outside, it becomes susceptible to the elements. If there’s rain or snow during wintertime, moisture can seep through and ruin any belongings inside.

So, to avoid this, always store your briquettes in a cool and dry place. It is best to grab that bag and bring it back into the garage with you or roll-top of the bag shut before storing outside, where you can expose to heat damage from direct sunlight and rain, which will degrade their quality over time. A metal container with a lid protects against fire hazards while preventing moisture build-up, so it’s important for maintaining the quantity and maximizing flavor.

Besides, a plastic container may seem like an easy choice because many people already use them at home or have some on hand.However, these are more porous than metal containers causing them to become easily saturated by humidity resulting in less fuel capacity after each fill-up meaning more frequent.

Best Bins and Containers for Charcoal Storage

If you’re looking for a place to store your charcoal, consider purchasing one of these containers or bins. They are designed with the best features in mind so that they keep your charcoals fresh and dry:

Kingsford Charcoal Dispenser

Kingsford Charcoal Dispenser

Now, when it comes to storage containers for charcoal, the Kingsford Charcoal Dispenser is one of the top contenders. A well-respected brand also makes it in grilling and barbecue supplies like Weber Grills! However, this container has its limitations–it can’t handle weathering too much (like rain or snow), so store indoors if you want your plastic not to crack easily over time.

To add this, if you love hosting but hate your guests huddling around an empty barbecue pit waiting for the coals to heat up, this container is perfect! The lid flips open easily and pours out a hand full of hot charcoal. If pouring isn’t your thing because it’s hard with one arm or something like that, then don’t worry – there are also scoops available if needed. This rainproof container will keep fresh lump coals dry until they’re ready to be poured into the grill so everyone can enjoy their meals without having to wait too long in between servings.

Traeger Grills Storage Bucket

Traeger Grills Storage Bucket

If you need a small amount of charcoal, look no further than the Traeger Grills Storage Bucket. This bucket will hold up to twenty pounds of pellets or two bags worth for all your grilling needs and comes with a lid so that it is easy to store away until next time!

If you’re looking for the best charcoal storage containers around, then look no further than this one – we think it’s pretty great! The Traeger includes a tight sealing lid and a filter. It is made from galvanized steel, has an easy-to-carry wooden handle grip, and it’s recommended that you store this bucket in someplace waterproof to prevent rusting.

Metal Bucket Shaped Trash Can

Metal Bucket Shaped Trash Can

It seems like an easy choice, but metal trash cans make great charcoal storage containers. They are rust and heat resistant which makes them good for grilling in any weather conditions. Another plus is that they come in various sizes, so you can get one to fit your space perfectly!

If you’re concerned with fire prevention, consider buying a 20-gallon galvanized trash can as fuel storage. The lid is snug but not airtight, and it holds about 24 lbs of lump charcoal, so be sure to use a heavy-duty bag as an insert before adding the charcoal for maximum protection against humidity.

Stackable Charcoal Storage

Stackable Charcoal Storage

If you love buying and storing large quantities of charcoal at its lowest price point possible, these stacking cans are just what fits in perfectly with your lifestyle! Each has room enough to store about sixty-six pounds worth of coal which saves both time and energy once everything comes together (and makes less mess).

Again, these bins do not have a tight-fitting lid, and you must keep away from moisture. Make sure they are stacked inside an enclosed area, such as on your garage floor or under a table in your yard shed.

Gallon Plastic Pails

Gallon Plastic Pails

 These buckets are available at almost any home improvement store. Make sure to buy the lid that fits it perfectly. They’re also great for separating charcoal pieces by size or filling with briquettes; they don’t hold as much, but there’s more than one, so stacking is ideal.

Plastic Trash Can with Wheels

Plastic Trash Can with Wheels

A simple plastic bin with a tight-fitting lid is an excellent choice for keeping your charcoal dry. You can use any sized container, as long it’s weatherproof and airtight! If you need to transport the fuel to another area than where you will locate, consider using something like this 32-gallon trashcan that has twist and lock lids.

Wheels Bins

Wheels Bins

The large-capacity wheel bin is a great option for those who need to transport and store substantial quantities of fuel. Even with the weighty load, you can expect your charcoal to remain secure during transit, thanks to its heavy-duty wheels. The sturdy rim and lid of the trash can make it a great option for heavy loads. The rear handle allows you to push or pull with ease, even when full.

What are Some Tips for Storing Charcoals?

Here below are some tips that you need to keep in mind to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Arranging Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are an effective way to protect your home from common fires. They’re especially helpful in the kitchen where grilling and grease fires, two of the top causes of house fires, can occur. Equip your kitchen with a fire extinguisher today!

Covering The Coals in Aluminum Foil

Once the ashes have cooled, wrap them in aluminum foil and throw them away. Aluminum is a lighter metal that doesn’t burn easily when exposed to air or water. There are good chances you’ll be able to collect the ash without melting anything else if you use this material for wrapping.

Storing The Charcoal

To store charcoal, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and in a cool but not wet area. If you plan on storing the charcoal container indoors, use a dehumidifier, so there isn’t excess moisture around your product.

Seal Bag Tightly

To keep your bag of charcoal dry and ready to use, roll it closed after each use. Store the sealed bags in a storage bin or container away from heat sources like fireplaces or air conditioners. This will help prevent evaporation which can make lighting more difficult and pose risks for exposure to moisture.

Final Note

So, my dear! The opinions related to how to store charcoal are immense. But we hope our detailed guidelines will help you a lot in taking any decision regarding storing charcoals.

Moreover, when you want to store the leftover charcoal, choose the best storage bins or bags that get sealed perfectly. The more perfectly you sealed the bag, the better results you will get. Keeping your charcoal stored properly will enable you to enjoy the grilling sessions with your family and friends.

Happy Grilling!