How to use a smoker box on a Gas Grill

The enjoyment of indoor and outdoor parties and any other social gathering gets multiple when preparing barbecue for our guests. But to smoke meat on a gas grill requires learning some tips and tricks. The proper mechanism of working helps you to perform wonders. You can spoil your dish if you are unconscious of what you are smoking. So, to smoke your meal on a gas grill, you need to know how to use a smoker box on a gas grill?

To learn how to use a smoker box on a Gas Grill, you need to grasp the rules entirely.

How to Use a smoker box on a Gas Grill

How to Use a smoker box on a Gas Grill?

Probably you will be surprised at the idea of using a gas grill despite a smoker. It does not require any hard and fast rules to follow it.

Moreover, it does not require extra charges on your part. The equipment you need is an ages grill and a smoker box. Surely, you can get them from any good store in your area. After having all practice, the following steps.

Make your Grill Ready for Smoking

  • It is essential to preheat your grill for 10 -15 minutes.
  • Soak the woods an hour before getting your grill ready for smoking.
  • Put the smoker box in the gas grill.
  • Keep the smoker box over the heat source for direct heat.
  • Close the grill lid and let the smoke create.
  • Adjust the burners of the grill at the desired temperature according to the nature of the meat.
  • As soon as the temperature level gets balanced, put your food or meat on the grates.

Now your food is ready to be cooked.

How Does a Smoker Box Work?

A smoker is a metal or steel box. To smoke a meal in its bottom should be plain, and the top must be with holes to release smoke. The plain bottom will not catch fire. Wood chips are put in the bottom of the smoker box. But it cannot catch fire from the below grill. The smoke only will add flavor to the food.  The extra amount of heat will get the mix into the outer air.

Do you Soak Wood Chips Before Smoking?

Do you Soak Wood Chips Before Smoking

Furthermore, if you initiate the smoking process, there are two methods of using wood.

  • Soaking Wood
  • Dry Wood

The reason behind soaking wood is this it cannot catch fire easily if it is soaked. In the case of dry wood, it catches fire easily. So, if you want to soak the wood, you must soak almost an hour before the smoking food process.

You can decide whether to soak wood or not from the required temperature of the meal.

  • In high heat, the level does not soak wood because the wood will catch fire easily.
  • In the opposite situation, you can soak wood chips as they will not catch fire easily.

What Type of Wood Chips to Choose?

The flavor of food entirely depends upon the wood you are using. The wood is selected according to the type of meat. Here below is the list of common woods that people mostly use.

So, let’s get a bird’s eye view of the woods used mostly.

HickoryHickory Pellets

Hickory wood is somehow strong. It is mostly used for red meat. Most people make use of it by smoking a pork shoulder. Moreover, it is strong and sweet and adds a Smokey flavor to the food.


Mesquite pellets

Mesquite is strong wood. To smoke, red meat is used widely.

Be conscious not to use it with red meat like fish. Its flavor is strong and intense.


Apple Wood Pellet

Applewood is reckoned best for meats like fish, poultry and seafood.

In addition to this, its mixture with some other woods also brings good results.

Above all, it smells sweet and adds a strong flavor to the food.

CherryCherry Pellets

Cherry wood is the best one If it is mixed with some other woods to attain positive results.

Furthermore, it is used widely to smoke all kinds of meats like poultry, beef, fish and pork etc.

Alderalder pellets

To smoke fish, poultry people make use of alder.

Moreover, be on the safe side if its small quantity is better to use.

Oakoak wood

Oak has the best taste. To add this, its combination with maple and mesquite shows the perfect outcome.

Bottom Line

It is a common observation when we try any recipe for the first time; it does not bring as good result as someone can present after trying third or fourth times. After a lot of research, we shared this method of how to use a smoker box on a gas grill.

Do practice it and let us know of your experience of using a smoker box on a gas grill and do not forget to read our full review on the best smokers for Beginners