How to Use Masterbuilt Electric Smoker? The Ultimate Guide

Using Master built electric smoker is an essential step to learn to enter the world of barbecue. The process is simple as pressing the button. The unit is user-friendly and does not have a deep learning curve to understand it to operate. Even the beginner can operate it easily and can enjoy a barbecue. To help you use Masterbuilt electric smoker, I have tried to put all the information in a few simple steps. Hopefully, you will get the most out of it.

How to Use Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cooking Instructions

Using a masterbuilt electric smoker is not a mystery that you can’t understand. When you have the unit in front of you, following these simple steps, you can exactly come to know how to use a masterbuilt electric smoker. Before going into details, we need to know.

What is Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Masterbuilt electric smoker has been designed to deliver the mouthwatering taste of barbecue whoo want to master the art of smoking. The manufacturer master built is a big name in propane, electric, and a charcoal smoker for producing high-end products producing incredible results. Choosing a masterbuilt electric smoker, you can show the wonders of the art of smoking with the right pair of your hands.

Step by Step Guide on how to use masterbuilt electric smoker?

Season Your Smoker

For how to use a masterbuilt electric smoker, it is essential to season your smoker. Seasoning your electric smoker makes it ready to use. The basic purpose of seasoning is to set your unit free from all dust, smell, and many other elements in the unit due to the manufacturing process or using it after a long time. In other words, before using the masterbuilt electric smoker, you essentially have to season it. To season an electric smoker is different from that of a charcoal or propane smoker.

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Moreover, while seasoning, the smoker ensures no particles like dust, sticking of food and oil. During seasoning, you need to spray inside with vegetable spray. Spray the inside of the unit and the inner side of the door fully. Be careful about electric components. Don’t spray over them because it will cost high if you do so. Besides, using machine oil is not the recommended option.

Furthermore next, make sure that all the smoker equipment is at the right place. Fill the wood chips tray with wood and make sure that the water pan is empty. There shouldn’t be water in the water pan. Plug the unit in the socket and make the switch on after closing the door of the unit. Set the temperature of the electric smoker between 250-275 degrees F. Set the timing for almost three hours. As soon as the time is over, you plug the unit off and let it remain to cool down. After seasoning, your smoker is ready to use. When you prepare food in it a lot of praising sounds will follow you for your hard work.

Preparing your Dish

Furthermore, now is the time to prepare your dish. Whatever you intend to cook, you must prepare the things. Get your meat ready because different types of dishes have different ways of marinating. So prepare your things to get the best results.

Set your Unit

After that, you need to set your unit in the best position. Add water in the water tray and load fully your wood chip tray half with wood chips. Water adds moisture to the food during the smoking process to soften it, making it chewable. The purpose of wood chips is to add a natural taste to the food.

In addition to this, preheating the unit is very much important. Preheating an electric smoker makes your food taste delicious. Preheating an electric smoker takes more time than a propane smoker. After setting things at their place, plug your smoker in and switch the unit on at the highest setting for meat and let it remain in the same condition for 40-45 minutes. Please don’t cover the racks with foil as they affect heat circulation.

Add Water in the Electric Smoker Water Pan

Moreover, in the next step, you need to add water to the masterbuilt smoker water pan. Water during the smoking process leaves moistures that add to the food making it soft to eat. The meat becomes chewable, and you enjoy the food. Otherwise, the meat leaves juices when it is cooked, and if there is no moisture, it will get hard to eat.

Add Wood Chips

Next, you need to add wood chips to the wood chips tray as the electric smoker does not take wood to work. It works using electricity, so wood chips during the smoking process add s natural wood flavor to the food making it close to natural barbecue taste.

Adding Wood Chips in smoker

Loading Your Meat

Now is the time to load your marinated meat in the smoker racks. Open the unit and put the meat inside over the racks. If you intend to smoke meat or poultry, use the top rack and use the lowest rack if you intend to cook fish. The reason is at the top rack, and the temperature is high. That’s why it is best to arrange the poultry or meat on the top rack, and fish needs lower temperature to be cooked. So you can get an advantage by arranging the large cuts of meat as well.

In addition to this, your electric smoker has a built-in thermometer to provide you the internal reading of the meat. But you can also use a separate thermometer to get the treading. If you intend to try the separate wired probe, use the bottom of the door to run it, avoiding the seal to destroy it.

Loading Your Meat in masterbuiltsmoker

Set The Temperature

Additionally, it is time to start the smoking meat process. Set the temperature according to the dish you want to cook. All the recipes take different timing. Set your unit for the maximum time and ten degrees over the desired temperature. For the dishes with meat, the ideal temperature is almost 225-degree F. As soon as your cooking is done, and if your guests are late and you want to keep it hot, let the food inside for some time.

Balancing The Temperature
Balancing The Temperature

When to Baste

The meat gets hard to chew during a smoking session, so to soften it, you need to baste it almost 40-45 minutes before it is cooked. The basting process will keep your meat soft to eat. You are smoking all the dishes you need to baste it approximately two-thirds of its cooking time.

To Add More Wood Chips

During the process, if you intend to add more wood chips, open the door and fill the cup in half; close the door. If you feel the temperature is getting high, don’t worry about it because the electric smoker will balance the heat level. It will get to normal temperature very soon.

Moreover, if you intend to add sauces to the meat approximately 30-35 minutes before your food is done. It is the best timing to add sauces, and surely your food will remain soft.

Meat Is Ready

Now in this step, your meat is cooked. Get it out of the smoker and serve it to your friends and family.

Following all the steps, you will get a lot of praise from the people around you. Switch the unit off and let it cool down. As soon as the electric smoker gets cooled down, it is time to clean the smoker.

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Additional Accessories

There are some additional accessories that you must purchase to get the most of your smoker. These extras also enhance your smoker’s life.


When you get a smoker, you must buy a separate good quality cover to keep it safe from dust, mud, water, and other climatic changes. It will keep the outside body of the unit safe from rust as well. Masterbuilt electric smokers’ covers are available so you can get the best of your choice.

Smoke Generating device

Moreover, the Mastrebuilt smoke generator is the best device for electric smokers. The smoke generating device takes your smoking experience to the next level. It creates incredible impacts on your food.


To avoid sitting on your legs, you need to buy the masterbuilt electric smoker stand. It will save you from a sore back. You need to buy this because while setting the unit, you need some time. If you have the unit’s height according to your height, you don’t need to bow down on your legs. So, it helps to stand you in a good posture when the unit is of your height. It is always a good idea to but the stand.

To add this, you can use a sitting table or chair but arranging the stand seems more appropriate.

Steps to Get the Best of your Food

This section will present some factors that you need to follow to acquire the best results.

Before you start the smoking session, you need to check the accuracy of your meat probe. The accuracy will enable you to balance the heat level in the best way.

You must have meat probes more than once to check the accuracy.

You need to use the wood chips quantity according to the type of meat. When you are smoking fish and chicken, be careful about adding the wood chips as the smoke can make them taste bitter.

You are recommended not to foil on the grills as it will affect the proper heat circulation process. Cover the water pan can speed up the cleaning process.

To save your unit from outdoor dust and moisture, keep it on the cover. Cover it properly and rinse it nicely after every use. You need to clean the unit properly after each time when you use it. Wash the grills, water pan, and wood chip tray properly.

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Cold smoker attachments enable you to smoke all kinds of cheese and fish on the electric smoker.

Editor’s note

In the end, we hope that you have properly grasped how to use a Masterbuilt electric smoker. Using the unit is pretty easy; even the beginner can show the wonder of taste using it. Follow the above step-by-step guide properly to get the maximum results. Moreover, if you are a beginner and could not get incredible results, then don’t worry, you can achieve the target in second or third trial.

Additionally, you will be amazed at the idea that the electric smoker has the potential to serve you for several years. You can enjoy the benefits of a Masterbuilt electric smoker for more than a decade. Yes, isn’t it incredible!  But it is possible only because if you keep it with care. Dealing it nicely will enhance its service years.