Kamado Joe Jr Review: Pros, Cons and Our Verdict

Do you have a small space for keeping a smoker or searching for the item you can easily take with you for outdoor parties? So, whatever the reason is, we are here to provide you with the solution to your problem. We intend to help you out in this regard and present the honest Kamado Joe Jr review after a research of several hours. Look at the below article Kamado Joe Jr Review to purchase the best kamado jr grill that suits your demand.

Kamado Joe Jr Review

Kamado Joe Jr

Kamado Joe Jr is the best small kamado joe smoker that meets all the standards of quality and excellence. Kamado joe grill and smokers that provide exceptional results. Containing all the qualities, it is perfect for taking a picnic, pool parties, camping and more. Kamado joe jr grill has multiple features that make it rank the best position in our list of best small smokers.



Kamado Joe Jr is a highly portable unit with a weight of 68 pounds. You can take it from one place to another. It does not hold a big place in your car. If you compare the kamado joe jr price with the features you will be happy at buying the unit.


It has a thermometer that gives the precise reading of the temperature inside. Moreover, it has a cast iron vent that controls the airflow and balances the heat level, which is essential for smoking delicious food.

Handles and stand

Furthermore,Kamado Joe Jr has handles to catch it and to change its place. In addition to this, the cast iron stand helps it raise high. The iron is of the best quality, which keeps it rust-free.

Thick Walled Item

 The walls of this unit are thick, which lock the heat inside. Moreover,the temperature remains balanced and make the unit heat resistant.

Easy to Clean

Moreover, the unit has an ash door which adds convenience to clean it.

Cooking Capacity

With 148 sq. inches of cooking space, you have enough room to serve your guests. Furthermore, this cooking capacity makes it the ideal unit for a small family.

Cooking Grates

 The cooking grates of jr. smokers are rust-resistant stainless steel. User can easily clean all the drippings and grease that stick to them during the food smoking process.


304 stainless steel cooking grates

Heat deflector- ceramic

Grill gripper

Ash tool

34cm ceramic grill with stand

Fuel Type Charcoal


Lifetime on ceramic,

One year on gas kit and thermometer

Five years on metal parts Three years on the heat deflector

  • It has excellent heat retention qualities; doubled wall make it keep heat and moisture inside.
  • The unit comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Contains build precise temperature control thermometer.
  • It is easily portable. Due to small in size and les weight you can take it for outdoor parties and the beach.
  • Fuel efficient unit. Its fuel cost is low as compared to the units of the same quality.
  • Best for small families.
  • It does not need a big place to put.
  • Inexpensive unit. So, easy to buy due to the low price when compared to quality.
  • It is a good quality unit and will serve you for years.
  • It is a heavy unit to lift as a single person cannot lift it alone. To divert its place, you need some other person’s support.
  • To some people, it is an expensive unit, but sure you pay for quality.
  • The cooking space can create a problem for large families because it has not large room for preparing food. You have to perform your work in several shifts.

FAQ’s About Kamado Joe Jr

Does Kamado Joe Jr provide both a cooking and grilling option?

The simple answer is yes. You can do it by inserting the heat deflector plate to change its function.

Does Kamado Joe Jr unit have a cover?

The manufacturer company itself does not make the cover for the unit but, you can have your aim get through using 14″ ceramic kamado’s. But we recommend you BBQ Heavy Duty Cover for the Kamado Joe Jr.

What comes standard with the Kamado Jr?

The stainless steel cooking grates, the ceramic grill-13.5″, built-in thermometer, heat deflector plate, ash removal tool and grate gripper.

Bottom Line

No doubt Kamado Joe Jr is a portable unit and gives you the best quality. In addition to this, as a space-saving device Kamado mini and kamado joe junior must be your excellent choice. They are designed to present exceptional result. Use these items and let us know through the comment below.

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