Offset Smoker vs Electric Smoker Review

Are you trying to compare the features of offset smokers and electric smokers to get the best one? Our healthy comparison offset smoker vs. electric smoker will make you create a difference regarding their selection. However, both of them have their perfections and imperfections. No one is flawless. But your preference will bring one of them at the top.

Offset Smoker vs Electric Smoker

Offset Smoker vs. Electric Smoker

So let’s move ahead with what our comparison offset smoker vs. electric smoker reveals.

What is an offset smoker?

What is an offset smoker

An Offset smoker is the most classic model. It has a separate side chamber from where heat and smoker travel to the primary cooking chamber. As the heat path is indirect, it consumes more fuel and is structured to cook on low and slow heat.

Moreover, the circulation of heat and smoke is equal to the food, and the remaining quantity exists through the chimney.

Offset smoker is best to use for tough cuts of meat as they need the slow temperature to cook well. At low heat levels, they become tender, chewable, juicy, and soft. While on high heat, they get burn producing will taste and remain unable to chew.

What is an electric smoker?

What is an electric smoker

An electric smoker is a meat smoking device that runs on electricity. It does not need natural wood or a match to start its work.

Rather than plug the switch in the socket and leave the unit to do its job. It provides hassle-free and convenient smoking sessions.

Moreover, these smokers are super easy to clean and use. They cover a wide variety in terms of design.

Comparison: offset smoker vs. electric smoker

Below are some of the characteristics which set them apart from one another.

User-Friendly Model

While using an electric smoker, it does not demand a lot of your attention.  To balance the temperature is automatic here. You need to put the meat in the cooking chamber, close the door and select the required temperature level for your food and you are ready to do your job.

On the other hand, using an offset smoker requires a lot of effort. The user has to do a cooking session full of hassle. To maintain the heat level, you have to observe the firebox chamber closely. You can get an efficient temperature level through conscious monitoring of fire in the firebox chamber.

Flavor Full food

To get tasty food is the main point worth considering.

To add this, using an offset smoker, you use natural wood or wood chips as fuel. The natural wood imparts a real smoky flavor to the food. After finishing your full of hassle smoky meat duration, you get the same return of your struggle in the form of tastier nourishment. So, many more appealing sounds bid you thanks for hosting this delicious party.

While using an electric smoker, the smoke is generated through wood chips. Here everything is controlled automatically. The smoke imparts flavor to the food, but it is not even close to the natural flavor.

So, electric smoker fails to produce the natural smoke flavor in the food.

Balancing the Temperature

Balanced temperature mainly gets the credit for the delicious and mouthwatering taste. While using an electric smoker, you do not need to take bother about the moderate heat level. Everything is managed to do automatic you need to set the required temperature for the food. Besides, everything is done by the smoker itself.

On the other hand, using an offset smoker, your main problem is to adjust the efficient temperature.

Approximately, the novice user remains to fail to get the desired results. To do this requires a lot of hard work. So to get the moderate temperature level is not a problem at all, using an electric smoker?

User-Friendly Unit

The electric smoker is user-friendly in the sense that it plugs the switch on and lets the smoker do its job. There are no worries at all if you forget to take the food after the desired time. It will not get burnt, and the auto mechanics will shut the smoker off. So you can get your food after receiving your guests or in case of recollection.

While in the opposite case to start a fire is not an easy task. It demands some practice on the user side to start it.

So, in the long run, an electric smoker is more user-friendly than its rival offset smoker.

Outdoor Parties

To enjoy BBQ food is the real soul of outdoor parties. To have fun, you can take your smoker with you. In the case of offset smokers, it is appropriate to take it because you can take fuel.

But in the case of electric smokers, there is no electricity outside. So, it can create a problem for you. For this, you need to take a small-sized generator which is not a space-saving idea. Moreover, it isn’t easy to carry extra luggage with you.

So, for outdoor parties offset smoker is more convenient to take.

Warranty Period

Talking about the warranty period, the manufacturer of the offset smokers offers more time. On the purchasing of offset smokers, you get a warranty of up to 5 years.

On the opposite side, an electric smoker is available with a 1-3 years warranty, which is low compared with the rival unit.


The electric smoker can take with you in case if electricity is available.

Whereas on the other hand, offset smokers are big, but they are highly portable


The customer purchases the item which is within their budget range.

 To add, this electric smoker is available at all price range. But good result producing units are expensive.

While on the other hand, charcoal smokers are inexpensive. Even the inexpensive units have the potential to produce efficient results.

So, searching for an inexpensive unit’s charcoal smoker is the best option for you.

Safe to Use

From a safety point of view, both units are safe to use. The cool-touch handles reduce the chances of burning your hands and fingers.

Additional Cooking Capacity

The smoking food chamber size depends mainly upon the price.

Moreover, the customer buys the item according to his needs and requirements.

Furthermore, large-sized smokers are expensive to buy. At the same time, those having the small smoking food chamber are inexpensive.

In addition to this, you can have a large size removing the racks. It provides you more space for putting in large cuts of meat.

What the Comparison: Offset Smoker vs. Electric Smoker Says

The main point those dawns upon the purchaser is clarifying whether he needs an original flavor barbecue or wants an easy and quick smoking session.

Because offset smoker provides you the food full of flavor the natural wood stuff the natural taste of smoke in the nourishment, which the barbecue lover loves. It is difficult for an electric smoker to impart to food.

So the natural flavor is obtainable only through offset smokers.

The electric smoker is the second name for ease and comfort. Set it and forget it come true using it.

If you can compromise over the taste of the food, you must go for the electric smoker’s purchase.

But if you can do some struggle, we suggest you purchase an offset smoker. Using it, you will get the original taste of barbecue, which will make you forget everything.

What Comparison Offset Smoker vs. Electric Smoker Reveals about Health

Health is wealth. Talking about the effects of smoker on health, it is clear that one takes credit over the other.

To offset smokers when the fats from the meat melt and drip over the coals. Then coals produce the smoke to add a smoky flavor to the food. The natural smoke that imparts the original taste to the food is unhealthy.

Because smoke contains several unhealthy particles like carcinogen particles, these certainly create unhygienic impacts on man’s health. So using an offset smoker is not healthful from this point of view.

While on the other side, an electric smoker does not have smoke-containing dangerous particles for health. Utilizing an electric smoker is good from a hygienic perspective and takes a point over the offset smoker.

Pros of Offset Smoker

Pros of Electric Smoker

  • Offset smoker cooks over low and slow heat levels.
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Accurate temperature reader device.
  • It is made with good quality material.
  • Portable unit.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Simple to maintain a balanced heat level.
  • Sufficient smoking chamber size.
  • Healthy from a hygienic aspect.
  • Hassle-free to use it.

Cons of Offset Smoker

Cons of Electric Smoker

  • Unhealthy to use it.
  • Full of hassle to use it.
  • Requires practice to use it.
  • Not fuel-efficient.
  • Difficult to get moderate heat.
  • Not able to use where there is no electricity.
  • Consumes electricity.
  • Does not give an original smoky flavor to the food.


The whole debate of Offset smokers vs. electric smokers shows that both have their drawbacks.

The consumer selects one according to its requirement. The size of the cooking chamber and the convenience of delicious food are some main worth considering points.

The main difference between them is that the offset smoker promises nourishment with natural taste, whereas the electric smoker struggles to provide ease and comfort.

Now it is up to you to opt for which one. Select one and leave a comment below about your choice.