Pit Boss Austin Xl 1000 Pellet Grill REVIEWS And Buyer Guide

Have you got fed up with preparing food in several shifts? Then stay here because we have brought the Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 smoker, which with sufficient cooking space will be good equivalent to your paid the price. With almost 1000 square inches of cooking space, this durable model provides exceptional value for money. To check whether this grill fits you with all its specifications, you need to look at our article Pit Boss Austin XL Review.

Features of the Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Smoker

  • Porcelain-coated steel cooking grates.
  • Durable design imparts perfection to this unit.
  • Wide cooking zone.
  • User-friendly unit.
  • It comes with auto start-up technology.
  • Temperature range is best for low and fast smoking and grilling processes.
  • Good hopper capacity.
  • Fu2ll function LED control panel.
  • Heat circulation is exceptional.

Additional Offers

  • One meat probe.
  • For open flame grilling, slide-out sear plate.
  • Side shelf with removable serving tray.
  • Unit comes with a warranty of 5 years.

 Pros and Cons ofThe Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Smoker

  • Large cooking space consists of 1000 square inches.
  • Temperature range is best for slow and fast cooking.
  • Cooking grates are made of stainless steel material.
  • Multiple cooking settings.
  • Exceptional features within reasonable price.
  • Hopper can contain a good quantity of pellets.
  • Pellet clean-out system.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years.
  • Lacks WIFI technology.
  • The body gets hot during the cooking process.

The Detailed Features of Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 Pellet Smoker Review

Pit Boss Austin XL Design

The design of the Pit Boss Austin XL is impressive incredibly to attract customers’ attention. Cooking grates are made of stainless steel material which does not allow drippings to stick to; it makes the cleaning process easy.

Moreover, the powder-coated steel design adds sturdiness to its construction. Furthermore, the smokeless design is a big jump because as soon as this grill gets heated, it produces clear smoke, which adds good flavor to the food.

Easy Assembling

The assembling of the unit is pretty easy; it does not require much time to connect its parts. Most of the features are assembled already. The whole setup process is easy and effortless. You are ready to prepare food after connecting the legs with its body.

Grill Performance

Grilling over Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Smoker is an exceptionally healthy experience. This unit has a wide temperature range that is best for the slow and quick smoking process. This grill has to offer eight multiple cooking settings like searing and bake roast according to your taste.

Moreover, during our several observations, we realized that the fire cup of this unit is incredible of high quality. Within no time, it heats the wood pellets and reaches the maximum temperature. Due to this, you do not have to wait for a long time to get the maximum temperature.

Pit Boss Austin XL Grill Performance

Wide Cooking Space

This unit has essentially wide space for cooking. The cooking room consists of two large removable racks. The heat is distributed equally to both of the portions with the help of a convection fan. The fair distribution of heat adds taste and good flavor to the food.

The unit has 1000  square inches of cooking space that is ideal for large families and small families in the habit of arranging to gather after a short period. Utilizing this model means you can prepare almost up to 50 burgers in just one go. So use this unit and have the fun of large space. The removable stainless steel shelf gives extra space for cooking food.

Pit Boss Austin XL

Warranty Period

The important point to notice regarding this unit is its warranty is of five years. The main aspect behind this long warranty period is that it is built up of good quality strong material which will serve you for many years to come. In other words, the long warranty period means the quality and excellence of the unit.

Easy To Clean

The unit’s design is so simple that it does not take much of your time to do your job. Cleaning is a tiresome and hectic process, and most of the users take it boring as well, but this unit ensures easy cleanliness.

The cooking grates are stainless steel which does not allow the moisture to stick to the surface.

Moreover, the porcelain powder coating adds extra comfort to live in respect of cleanliness.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper is of good capacity, though we do not claim about its 24 hours working capacity. It can contain 31 pounds of pellets which means you can do continuous smoking for almost 8-9 hours. Depending on weather conditions, the timing and pellet quantity can vary.

 The timing mentioned above is perfect for ideal weather conditions. Furthermore, the V3 digital control board maintains the set temperature even in cooler weather conditions.

User Friendly

Whether you are a novice user, you do not need to worry about this aspect because it is a user-friendly unit. The temperature setting and automatic wood pellet delivery are worth mentioning when talking about its ease of use.


This unit is heavy in size, so difficult to take from one place to another without assistance. The wide cooking area, the spacious hopper are the things that lengthen its size. Due to weight, one person can not lift it.

In addition to this, the unit has strong wheels. The model has four wheels, two behind and two in front. The front wheels are lockable. You can put your team over the unlevel ground, and lockable wheels do not allow the unit to move around.

Moreover, where you have wide space, you can put the unit there and down its wheels.

Above all, for outdoor parties and to the beach you can take it with you putting in your car.  After placing it in place, you can move and rotate it to change its direction.

Digital Controller

The best thing about the grill is it contains complete control in one place. The grill has a digital controller containing the LCD, which displays the inside temperature, a power button, and temperature control knobs.

Moreover, there is a difference between the thermometers, which display the reading of the inside temperature.

Pit Boss Austin XL Digital Control

Containing Extra

Pit Boss Austin XL contains some different things with it, which is an attractive offer. Austin XL comes with two meat probes. These meat probes can show the food being cooked inside by presenting the temperature of the food.


The unit is durable enough that you will be in little need of repairing it after the use of many years. If you keep it with great care, it will not get rusted. The stainless steel material, the porcelain coating, and ease of use make it the champion in the grills list.

Moreover, the color scheme of the unit is very attractive. The lid, chimney, and hood are coated with a copper finish, flame resistance, and rust. The finishing not only makes the unit attractive but also keeps it safe from rust and getting heated.


Pit Boss Austin XL gives you the best value for money. It is a highly moderate price unit and is quite reasonable when talking about its features like a large cooking area, two meat probes, and durability.

Pit Boss Austin XL is the most affordable option as compared to its rival grills. Moreover, the prices of replacement parts are the same as that of the original.

What We Don’t Like About Pit Boss Austin XL 1000

One of the most important things that we do not like about Pit Boss Austin XL lacks wifi technology. Using this unit, you have no option to set and monitor the food temperature from a distance. Moreover, you can not have an approach to recipes via downloading the app.

Nevertheless, this smoker lacks this modern technology, and if you can compromise over this aspect, it is the most appropriate unit for you.

The Thing That We Like Most About Pit Boss Austin XL 1000

The wide cooking area consisting of almost 1000 sq. inches is the most important factor worth mentioning. Having a large size for cooking at once is the positive point as it saves you from the hassle of cooking time and again.

FAQs About the Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill

What takes Pit Boss Austin Xl as fuel?

Pit Boss Austin XL takes wood Pellets as fuel. You can use each type of pellets that are easily available to you. The pellets from any manufacturer like Camp Chef, Pit Boss Traeger all give good results.

How much time does the assembling of Pit Boss Austin XL take?

The assembling is quite easy. It is an effortless process as it comes mostly preassembled. A few parts like the cart and handles are preassembled.

Does Pit Boss Austin XL contain wifi technology?

Unfortunately, this model lacks the wifi technology. You cannot control the temperature from a distance.

What is the biggest Pit Boss Grill?

The Pit Boss Austin XL is the largest Pit Boss Grill with an area of 1000 sq inches.

Does Pit Boss Austin XL contain Multiple cooking settings?

Yes, Pit Boss Austin XL has eight different cooking settings. Using this unit, you can bake, roast, sear, grill, and smoke your food.

Does Pit Boss Austin XL present good results in cold weather?

The grill struggles hard to maintain the temperature and is successful in this respect. In extreme cold and stormy conditions, it may not show. The precautions like using insulated blankets can do more concerning temperature maintaining.

How can long Pit Boss Austin XL work?

The working hour of a unit depends upon the hopper capacity. The hopper of Pit Boss Austin XL is can contain 31 lbs of pellets at a time and can work continuously for around 8-10 hours which is sufficient.

 How do you empty the remaining pellets from the hopper after the cooking session?

Removing the leftover pellets from the hopper is pretty easy. Using the clean-out door, you can easily clean the unit without requiring any other accessories.

Final Verdict

The detailed Pit Boss Austin XL Review is the fair description of all the blacks and whites of Pit Boss Austin XL. This is the best unit as it gives you great value for money accompanying the multiple functions.

Moreover, the wide cooking area, the multiple cooking options, the ability to grill over the open flame, and easy assembling are the main features that are heavy over the demanded price.

The dark aspect of the unit is only it does not have modern wifi technology. If you negate this factor, it is the best option for the customer.

So don’t get late; you can have this unit simply by clicking on the below button. Buy it and have a lot more fun.