REC TEC RT-700 Pellet Grill Review – Is it Worth your Money?

If you are looking for a giant-sized, exceptional quality, and an excellent performance pellet smoker, then I think the name of the Rec-Tec RT 700 suits the best. It is the unit that surprised us really due to its excellent quality when we used it. To introduce something of high quality which can serve you for years to come, we dived deep into the details to present Rec-Tec RT 700 Grills reviews. You can find the information about product, pros and cons an specification in this rec tec grill review.

Rec Tec RT 700 Reviews

Rec Tec RT-700 Reviews

 The RecTec RT-700 occupies an essential place in the market due to its features and improved version over the previous like Traeger and Yoder.

Moreover, the stainless-steel construction, accurate PID temperature controller, and several improved features show incredible results in your lawn or next backyard event.

In this Rec-Tec RT -700 Pellet Grill review, we shared all the knowledge and our experience of using it, so by the end, you can have enough information to make your best purchasing decision for best pellet smoker.

So, let’s probe in the details of rec tec bull review to check the features and pros and cons of rec tec smokers.

Rec Tec Brand Overview

Passion and love to do something great work to make a story. The same is the case here with the producers of Rec Tec RT-700.Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy started REC-TEC smoker grill out of a garage. They thought of making equipment that could perform well compared to the previous units doing the same function.

The company started its journey with one product and now is the manufacturer of dozens of products, accessories, rubs, and many more to improve your grilling experience. Their items are categorized. First, RT-700 in the market is available with a larger size, and then there is RT 590 with a mid-size option available .Furthermore, small-sized families can have the advantage of RT-340, which is there with the possibility of a small cooking zone.

Rec Tec RT-700 has attracted customers worldwide due to its concentration on ‘technology.’ The Rec-Tec RT smokers made of good quality material that you will not find any parts made from cheap quality material.

Moreover, the company is smartly active on all social media platforms. It is effortless to get engaged with them and have solved your problems. Throughout the BBQ community, the organization participates actively.

The worth mentioning thing is this the company does not deal with the dealers, despite the owners prefer to sell their products directly from their website and through the Amazon platform.

After trying their products, I without any doubt can say that investing in the form of purchasing Rec-Tec RT700 means you are buying something that will serve you for one to two decades. Our rec tec grills reviews is our experience of using rec tec rt 700.


  • The whole unit is constructed with stainless steel material.
  • Cooking grates are stainless steel.
  • The bottom shelf is stainless steel.
  • Hopper is of sufficient capacity.
  • Component replacement is easy.

Extra Things

  • Double meat probe
  • Interior light
  • Hooks
  • Stainless steel hopper lid
  • Long warranty period.

Grill Specification

  • Grates:  Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Capacity:1054 square inches in total.
  • Hopper Capacity: 40 pounds
  • Temperature Range: 200 F- 500F
  • Comes with WIFI technology.
  • Fuel Type: Wood Pellets
  • Weight 195 lbs.
  • Warranty: 6 Years

Rec Tec RT 700 Features


Concentrating on the design, it is fair to state that Rec-Tec bull smoker is designed excellently. The cooking chamber is barrel-shaped and quite large. It is attached to the sturdy cart.

Moreover, the legs are strong with heavy-duty industrial-grade wheels. The whole unit is engineered with stainless steel material. The stainless-steel material keeps the company free from rust and enhances itslife and quality.

Cooking Performance

Our Pellet grill reviews clears all the facts of rec tec rt 700 about their versatility, flavor, and potential to cook low and high heat. The grill performs wonderfully for continuous several hours of the cooking process, both on direct and indirect heat.

Temperature Range

Rec Tec Pellet Smoker has an excellent ability to show the best temperature range than any other grill present in the market. It can easily maintain a temperature ranging between 200F – 500F. This is the best temperature range using it, and you can show your art nicely. It is a wide range to cook anything you want.

Cooking Space

The unit has a huge cooking area wherein you can smoke food for a large gathering. You can have a generously widecooking space of 702 square inches in the main cooking chamber. The main cooking chamber can accommodate six large racks of ribs. You can enlarge the cooking space up to 1,054 square inches by placing an optional shelf.


Assembling the grill is relatively easy. It does not require many skills on the side of the customer. Assembling is not time taking. You can make the whole unit in a maximum of an hour.

The instruction manual is easy to comprehend and follow.  Moreover, by following YouTube videos, you can have accomplished your task.

Functioning Is Easy

Rec Tec RT 700 is pretty easy to function. It is as easy to operate as to microwave. Rec Tec bull 700 claims to be user-friendly, and even the novice user can work it without any hesitation. You only need to stuff wood pellets inside, put the thing whatever you want to cook inside, set the temperature, and turn the unit on, and you are ready to do your job.

Sometimes during long cooking hours, it may not perform well, but Rec Tec has improved over the past few months to make its working quality better.


The user can have the authentic smoked natural flavor using this unit.  All credit goes to the wood pellets that are used as fuel. Wood pellets infuse the natural smoky flavor in the food and make it delicious and mouthwatering.

Fuel-Efficient Unit

Rec Tec RT 700 is a fuel-efficient unit. It does not take much fuel on average; it consumes one pound of pellet per hour. This is pretty good, and you can have a lot of fun.

Hopper Capacity

Hopper is of suitable capacity and can store 40 pounds of pellets which is a good amount than any other rival unit. Forty pounds of stored pellets means cooking for 40 hours. You do not need to stuff the fuel inside.


Furthermore, the unit has a good quality thermometer. It shows the precise heat level of the food inside. The temperature is readable. So, you do not need to purchase any other thermometer. Instead, this unit has exceptionally well already.


Rec Tec RT 700 has praiseworthy technology. In terms of cooking performance

 Rec Tec RT 700 has innovative grill technology. The intelligent grill processor controls the rate at which the auger feeds the pellets to the fire pot and automatically speeds up and slows downs the rate at which the shots are delivered to maintain the temperature.

The intelligent grill technology helps to maintain the temperature level on snowy and cold days. Its primary purpose is to balance the heat level.  So, Rec-Tec RT 700 technology struggles to perform in the best possible manner.

WIFI Technology

Furthermore, the unit comes with a WIFI facility. Connecting your company with your phone, you can control it from a distance. Whatever you intend to do with your grill, you can do it using your phone. The user can maintain the heat level of the unit sitting on the sofa through the phone. Moreover, you can check the food’s temperature and turn it off and on your grill.


Warranty is the element that attracts the attention of the customer. If the company gives more warranty, the customer takes the unit much safe to use. Purchasing the unit means investing, and if your investment is safe, you have no fear.

 In this regard, the generous warranty is the omen of excellent competence. Rec tec rt-700 offers a good guarantee for this unit. With six years warranty period, the customers have sufficient time to test the company.


To add this, there are several things that the company has to offer to the customer. These things are as below.


The company offers 200 pounds of fuel as wood pellets. This is the amount that you get for every single item that you purchase.


The company offers a cover for the unit. So, you do not need to buy the body separately. You can have it with the team, which is a good initiative toward saving money.

Grill Mats

The unit has two grill mats for the customer.

Ignition System

The unit has a hot flash ceramic ignition system that can go with you for 300 years.


The unit Rec-Tec RT 700 comes with many accessories, but if the user wants to improve the quality more, he can have additional accessories from the rt 700. The extra accessories that we recommend are

  • Flat Top Grilled
  • Stainless steel front folding shelf
  • A cover
  • Smokebox for safe and easy cold smoking
  • Competition cart for easy mobility and increased work height.
  • To get more smoking space, adjust the 2nd large interior shelf.

Cleaning the Unit

The most essential and worth mentioning thing about Rec-Tec is it has an automatic self-cleaning system. This means it is pretty easy to keep the unit always clean.  You only need to firepot after every 3-5 cooking sessions.

 The unit has the absence of a pellet hopper door.

Leaving unused pellets in the hopper means creating moistures in the unit, which Is not suitable for smoking delicious food sessions. So, Rec-Tec bull 700 is fair in this regard for not including the pellet hopper door.

Moreover, creating an opening in the hopper means giving easy access to the moisture in, and during long cooking sessions your hopper holding 40 pounds of pellets slowly lose their essence.

Rec Tec suggests you can put your pellets in the hopper for up to 6 weeks, and using a scoop; you can clean when you want.

In addition to this, the stainless-steel grates and the steel drip tray are easy to keep clean and wipe. You can have your work with a soft cloth or towel. After consuming 120-130 pounds of pellets, you can clean out the ash. The whole process is relatively easy.


Keeping all its features in view, it can be said that the company offers a reasonable price for the unit. After spending yourhard-earned money on this unit after using it, you feel that you invested in something sumptuous.

Moreover, a good warranty also gives you protection.

What We Like About RecTec RT- 700

Smart PID Digital Controller System

Rec Tec reviews makes clear that the PID controller holds the temperature nicely and smoothly. With this unit, you can set the temperature level between200F-500F, which is something extraordinary. You can smoke anything over this heat level.


A user over the world is a fan of the intelligent design of Recteq smoker. The sturdy construction multiplies the working years of the unit.  The legs are solid and sturdy with wheels which help to move the company quickly.

WIFI Control

The Rec-Tec RT 700 has a WIFI control system to connect your smartphone with it. So, you can control the unit from a distance.

What We Do Not Like

Extra Settings

It is good that the unit has the app for temperature changing, but at the same time, it lacks the programming that can set the multiple temperature levels based on time.

Challenging to take for Outdoor Camping

 Due to its bulky size, it isn’t easy to take it to the beach and outside parties. Besides everything is good and I enjoy using it.

  • Build with high-quality material.
  • Remains rust-free due to stainless steel construction.
  • Offers a good temperature range.
  • Cleanliness is easy.
  • Ceramic ignition system improves its working better.
  • PID temperature controller balances heat level precisely.
  • Over versatile temperature range, you can grill, smo0ke, bake and sear efficiently.
  • Balancing temperature nicely makes the performance exceptional.
  • Easily moveable due to wheels.
  • Legs are sturdy and robust.
  • Bottom shelf for putting extra ingredients.
  • WIFI technology creates facility in life managing heat level from remote.
  • User-friendly model. Set it and forget it comes true to it.
  • The thermometer gives an accurate reading of the inside temperature.
  • The interior light is washable.
  • Pellets can be stored in the hopper for almost six weeks.
  • Reasonable warranty period, six years.
  • Reasonable price when compared to its quality.
  • Everything has some demerits with merits.
  • Hopper has not a clean door. So, it gets difficult for you to handle it.
  • To some people, legs are not sturdy enough as they should be. So, it is the weak area that needs to be mentioned here.

FAQs About the Rec-Tec RT 700

Does the unit need the special Rec-Tec Pellets to work?

The simple answer is no. The user is free here to use any brand’s pellets. All give good results but using Rec Tec’s remarkable is fantastic.

Is the warranty the same if I purchase from Amazon despite the company?

The RT bundle ships directly from Rec-Tec and offers the same warranty does not matter where you purchase it.

Do the Rec-Tec grills contain durability, and approximately what is their working life?

The simple answer is the Rec-Tec RT 700 grills are durable and sturdy. These can spend a minimum of a decade with you. If you keep it with great care, it can serve you longer than this.

Why is the unit cheap on Rec Tec’s website and expensive on Amazon?

Through the company’s particular website, you only receive grill, and if getting from amazon, you have other things to receive. You get a cover for the unit, two nonstick grill mats, and 200 pounds of pellets when purchasing through Amazon. That’s why it is a little bit expensive to buy through Amazon.

How much time does it take to heat up?

Within 10 minutes, it can get the temperature up to 300F.

Does the grill provide set it and forget its facility?

Yes, it comes true to Rec tec rt700. You need to stuff the fuel inside, set the temperature, and put the dish inside whatever you want to cook. Now you are ready to do your work very much like that of gas and electric grills.

Whether You Should Purchase Rec-Tec RT 700 Or Not?

After probing into details f Rec-Tec RT 700 Review, it gets clear that the company worked around the clock to achieve the standard, excellence, and quality.

The company has designed recteq grill creating all the facilities in it. With modern WIFI technology, which enables you to control the unit through a smartphone, the smoker presents the best results in your backyard event.

Moreover, the company service is good. The user can solve their ambiguities via a phone call.

Furthermore, the comparison between price and performance in rec tec review will keep you always satisfy. So, after using the unit, I recommend you to buy best pellet grill 2021 to come your dreams true. Use it and share your experience with us through the comments below. We hope that the rec tec grill reviews will help you in many ways.