When to Apply BBQ Sauce on Ribs

Grilling demands certain tips and tricks; it is not a childish game. There are several meat options, styles, and BBQ sauces to consider. This huge variety makes it challenging for the chef to do it and how to do it? So when to apply BBQ sauce on ribs? Is it a difficult question and demands some investigation?

When to Apply BBQ Sauce on Ribs

Moreover, grilling in a smoker, the timing and the way you add sauce is somehow tricky. Cooks often add sauce either too early or too late means when cooking is near to finish.

Let’s discuss both sides.

Apply BBQ Sauce Too Early When Grilling

Some cooks put the sauce before even putting it on the grill. Others wait for the meat to start cook, but they also do not wait for the meat to be cooked. This trick does not work well because sauces contain sugar.

Most store-made sauces yield sugar which tends to burn at a temperature of about 265F/130C.

Furthermore, there are chances that your dish will ruin if you cook meat above this temperature level. The sugar will burn to make the dish tasteless. The sauce gets gummy, and the texture is disturbed.

Applying Sauce Too Late On Ribs When Grilling

Vice versa, the contrary school of thought, has the idea to put sauce when meat is cooked. The meat cannot absorb any flavor of the sauce and maintains its delicious taste perfectly.

Now here is the question.

When to Apply Sauce on Ribs

So, when to apply sauce presents good results? The best timing is 10_ 15 minutes before when the cooking is complete. You do not need to give the sauce enough heat that it gets burned. Besides, moderate heat will bring a positive outcome.

In case of high temperature, shift your meat to a cooler part of the grill.

Apply several thin coatings to build the layer. Most people like thick sauce on ribs, but a thin coating makes the rib surface delicious and smooth.

Applying BBQ Sauce When Smoking

Smoking is done at a lower temperature as compared to the grilling. During smoking you do not need to worry about sauce burning.

To Serve Sauce on Side

Meat is served with BBQ sauce on the side. The flavor added to smoked or grilled meats should be moderate when you serve on the side.

You can add extra sauce if someone desires it at your table.

Bottom Line

The whole detail shows when and what is the right way to put BBQ sauce on ribs. Probably certain tips have been mentioned to deal with the situation.

We hope in the end that our article will help you a lot if you want to try BBQ sauce on ribs. Do practice it and leave a comment below. Don’t forget to check out our review on the  best pellet smokers under 500